Andrew House Stepping Down Won't Derail the PlayStation 4's Steam

The PlayStation 4 is in safe hands.

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UCForce406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Kaz Hirai is replaced by Andrew House in 2011. Look what House did to PS4 including the whole PS brand. Like I said, John Kodera has been with Sony for 23 years and worked closely with House. Even I remember correctly, Sony don't replace their people lightly. Same goes with Shawn Layden, He joined Sony in 1987. Sure, we knew what happened E3 2014. But recent years, Shawn is getting better. Besides House will remain as Chairman to make sure a smooth transition with his new replacement.

yellowgerbil406d ago

I just wonder if this means that there is truth in the rumors that House is taking over the film division to set it straight. Didn't make much sense before with him already running the gaming division but now it makes perfect sense. Maybe we will never see the likes of Ghostbusters 3 and the Emoji movie again

Gamist2dot0406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Yeah, I'd worry if they brought in some new guy with no interest in console/games or knowledge of the history of the gaming industry.

dantesparda406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

"Look what House did to PS4 including the whole PS brand."

What did he do? Not trolling but geniunely want to know. And i hope this means we see a improvement in firmware releases (sooner and more features done right). Also crossplay and better mod support.

spreadlove405d ago

It could be the exit before the Xbox One X hits and turns the tide around.

UCForce405d ago

Oh really ? Getting cocky, aren't ya ?

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zcmilano406d ago

Yeah, sad to see House go but I'm sure it will be smooth sailing for the PS4 under Kodera. It's all set in motion now anyway... would be different if rivals were actually offering strong competition.

Neonridr406d ago

yeah I mean it's not like the Switch is outselling the PS4 in several regions or anything like that.. SMH

gamerpop406d ago

Stop shaking your head, you're a muppet. The Switch is absolutely 0 threat to the PS4.

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Neonridr406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

@MicrotransactionSoft - Japan, US and Europe make up the big 3 markets. So if the Switch is outselling it in 2 markets, that's a pretty significant amount. Stop pretending like it's not moving units, it is.

@gamerpop - yes, that's me, just call me Ernie. Just keep closing your eyes and saying everything will be alright. Every million more the Switch moves and every percentage of marketshare that they start to eat up is a definite indication of the Switch offering up some great value to gamers. You don't own one, so stop pretending like you even understand. I actually own both consoles and understand how great they both are.

Phill-Spencer406d ago


New successful console/ handheld outselling 4 year old succesfull console with 60+ million, wow.

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Neonridr406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

@U_R_Weirdos - yes, you are right. Just irks me when people claim that the Switch is garbage and is a "zero threat" like we are playing some kind of life or death game. Nintendo has always played to their own tune, and they don't concern themselves with getting caught up in a pissing match like MS and Sony like to engage in. If the Switch was in fact nothing, then nobody would be buying it. Plain and simple. We wouldn't see new articles popping up of more and more titles appearing on the Switch. We wouldn't read articles about shortages and lineups in Japan. We wouldn't see its first party library receive critical acclaim, awards and accolades.

I have a PS4 too, I love it to death, it's a very successful console for a reason. But I don't discount the fact that Nintendo did a lot good with the Switch and it's a great device as well. Tons of amazing games are on the thing and we are just over 6 months in. Imagine what its library will look like in 4 years time (to put it into perspective of the PS4). No it probably won't sell 60 million, but I bet it will sell a lot more than most of you will give it credit for.

ZeroX9876406d ago (Edited 406d ago )


"yeah I mean it's not like the Switch is outselling the PS4 in several regions or anything like that.. SMH"

Was the article about the switch? I can't play the titles I want on the switch, so my PC (or PS4/X1) is still essential for me. Nintendo is on a streak right now mainly because the Wii U flopped SO BAD that most people (like me!) waited for a proper console instead (Switch in this case). I already played the Wii U titles on a friend's console, so I don't care for the "ports" like BOTW or Mario Kart, but Odyssey and the new Pokemon definitely got my attention! Just like smash, I doubt they're stupid enough to re-release another port, they'll do the right thing and release a brand new smash for a new generation of console :)

Switch is a portable anyway with a dock that supports TV out. Whole different market that needs to replace the 3DS (and I guess Vita in a way........)

By the way, usually Xbox and Playstation owners doesn't consider Nintendo to be a competitor.

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Kryptix406d ago

Ever thought that people can buy a PS4 and have a Switch at the same time because both do vast different things? One is a much more powerful home only console and the other can go portable, both with massive amount of unique titles. (well, for Switch, we'll see more later on)

They're not a threat to each other and both can do good if they remain consistent.

Phill-Spencer406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

I agree with you. I rather gamers to embrace switch's success than to call things like "garbage"

Even if i'm not sold to the fact that switch is a mobile device(as i don't play on the go) i find it awesome that nintendo managed to pull of such a stellar launch year when it comes to games. I mean how can anybody dismiss the fact that first party exclusives of the caliber of botw, splatoon 2, and mario released within its first year?

As a ps gamer I don't care if switch sells less, the same or triple the amount of the ps4, i just hope switch is successful. The market needs big n to remind the competition that power isn't the most important factor, games are!

Razzer406d ago

Dude....I defend Switch myself, but this has nothing to do with Switch. You are just trolling.

thejigisup406d ago

Are you high? Lifetime sales are important right now. If the switch wasnt selling more units than any of its competitors in any region, or country for that matter id see a huge problem. Ninty is late to this party, theyll do well, but they arent competition.

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Kramerica13406d ago

It'd be hard to imagine it would. I'd be more concerned about longer-term implications, though.

FTLmaster406d ago

I think the article is right. I did like Andrew House. He seemed like a pretty genuinely nice guy for the most part.

406d ago
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