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Nicola Ardron: "A fairly lacklustre remaster does nothing to diminish what makes Dragon's Dogma such a unique and memorable role-playing game. For fans of western style action RPGs it's a must play."

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Zeke68376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

I just noticed I already own this game on PS3 through PS Plus. Any bug fixes or improvements in the PS4 version making it MUCH better or should I just play it on my PS3 ?
I would like an opinion from a Dragon's Dogma player out there that played through the PS3 version because it seems like a great game what must have flew under my radar when it was released on PS Plus.
Edit: Just saw that PS4 version includes ALL DLC released for this title... Hmmm...

375d ago
Jman1553375d ago

Ps3 release was at a low resolution, and had black bars on the top and bottom of the screen if I recall.
I played through on pc, ps3, and Xbox 360.
The pc or new remastered version is the way to go, especially if you never played the expansion. It has a smoother experience, no more black bars, and more content.

FullmetalRoyale375d ago

Id recommend either playing the PS3 version that you own, or waiting until the PS4 version is on sale. It’s a fun game though.

Zeke68375d ago

Thanks for all the informative answers ! :)
I guess I try out the PS3 version and if the resolution and black bars is bothering to much on my 4K TV i just wait for a christmas sale or so and buy the (complete) PS4 version.
Seems like I missed a great game according to your posts, so thanks again :)

Princess_Pilfer375d ago

Framerate alone is worth the switch. The FPS on the PS3/360 hovers in the mid 20s, with frequent dips below that, and gets down into the single digits if things get busy.

Now, I don't know if the PS4 version runs at 30 or 60, but the framerate of the PS3 version is so bad, that even if it's locked at 30 it will be a significant improvement.

Zeke68375d ago

Ok. Great to know. 😊

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feraldrgn375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

It's probably good, but it wasn't good last gen just after we bought the original & then they came out with the Dark Arisen DLC as a full priced game shortly after with no option to get it for the original.

shammgod375d ago

Third time i bought this game and I couldn't be happier.