The Witcher 3 PS4 Vs. PS4 Pro Patch Comparison Images Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro update has arrived, and we have captured images of before and after the PS4 Pro patch. Here's how the PS4 Pro patched version looks to the non patched version."

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meka2611410d ago

Too hard to tell without a 4k tv, but can definitely see improvements.

ZombieKiller410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Trust me, it's incredible. I've been waiting for this patch so that I can go through the story again. I popped it in last night to see if the update was there and I was blown away. The frame-rate seems pretty solid too. It looks way better than it did on my 4k. It doesn't look like it's native, but it looks DAMN good, really tough to tell the difference. I was comparing them to native on PC through the youtube app on the TV and you can tell the slight difference. CDPR did an amazing job and Im surprised they were able to squeeze that resolution out of a game that massive on a console. A true developer.

Here we go again back into the world of man and monster!

FITgamer410d ago

Can concur. Got back on yesterday. It's definitely noticeable. I'm actually extremely impressed by was CDPR was able to do with this game considering the scale and the fact that it already looked great. Can't wait to what kind of wizardry they come up with on Cyberpunk 2077.

meka2611410d ago

Very very good to know, thanks.

Master of Unlocking410d ago

Hold on a sec... are you here to try and sell us 4K TVs?
Because if you are, I think you just did right there ;-)

Hardiman410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

I too have been waiting for this patch so much so that when I got the Pro I wanted it. When I heard CDPR wasn't doing one I was bummed but when I read they were going fourth with it I was estatic! It looked good to begin with but now it's crystal clear. My wife even walked by and said "wow that really looks good!" These pics do nothing to convey how it looks on my 65 KS9000.

BadElf409d ago

Cool. Cool.
Getting an Xbox One X, So Im glad to hear that

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Cryptcuzz410d ago

It is marvelous and noticeable right away on a 4K TV.
I played this game on the same TV I have now (KS8000) prior to the Pro patch and when I played the game again last night after the Pro patch, it is OMG eye-candy.

I am checking the screenshots on my work computer now (non-4K monitor)
and I will say it looks no where near as what I witnessed for myself last night.

It is a really well done Pro patch and I highly recommend everyone to try for themselves if they have a Pro and a 4K TV. (Also a 1080P TV too, since it also supports supersampling, though I am unsure how that would compare to what I saw on my 4K TV)

Another welcome thing is now the texts for the game are sharper and much easier to see/read.
Overall, it really is like a brand new game to me. It made the game look like it was recently released IMHO.

tucky410d ago

The difference is clear on my 4k tv

Mystogan410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

lol, stop lying.You just happened to be browsing N4G on your giant 4K TV?

I'm looking at it on my 4K monitor. barely any difference. with barely I mean no difference at all.
Same draw distance. Textures don't look any sharper. Lighting looks just as good. Particle effects(looking at the fire) also barely any difference but need to see in motion to confirm.

This is just a resolution boost. Nothing more.

MrFisher21410d ago

Also obvious to see on my 4k tv. Check your eyes?

morganfell410d ago

Just so you are aware, my Desktop Montior for browsing is a 40in Samsung 4k TV. So yeah, some of us just happen to be browsing on a 4K TV.

crazyCoconuts410d ago

It's more than just a resolution boost and even if it was just a resolution boost that's awesome. Resolution boost is why we have 4K TVs

Ju410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Someone yet again doesn't take to time to actually look at the details nor actually plays it. Yet we are discussing screen shots.

Like with any game in 4k, pixel shimmering is completely gone. No more jaggies (which you could see immediately if you'd actually zoom into those edges). And then there is simple the higher details resolving textures.

2600Thunder410d ago

I have a PC hooked up to a 4k tv. But you know, just instantly react with a "lol, stop lying."

ocelot07410d ago

Think you need a new monitor. I have my TV connected to a 55" 4K TV. Even though there is not a massive difference. But the difference is noticeable.

410d ago
jlove4life410d ago

"Leave those home channel monitors along get you a view sonic or a dell bro u got robbed its a difference you played yourself" dj khaled voice

freshslicepizza410d ago

Nice to see lots of people want better performance.

Whatever234409d ago

U don't have 4k sorry .My Lg oled says wowwww!!!!!!!!!!

Ceaser9857361409d ago

pro performs better and has better games .. thnx Moldy

Neonridr409d ago

@morganfell - I hope you don't sit like 2-3 feet away from that thing like most of us do with conventional computer monitors :P

Otherwise show me your bottle-top glasses ;)

morganfell409d ago (Edited 409d ago )


Ha ha no glasses but yeah, about 3 feet. Its a Samsung 7000FXZA and so far no side far...


No that isn't what he meant. Ne said, "browsing N4G on your giant 4K TV"

The key word is browsing. Not playing a game. Browsing.

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Ben360live410d ago

Clear as day on my 5k iMac screen too. Interested to see how the one x patch compares...

Mystogan410d ago

Saw no difference with these screenshots for some reason. But I just looked at some digital foundry shots. I can definitely see a difference there. The image looks quite a bit sharper.
Although like I said. It doesn't have the 4K Assets.

Ben360live410d ago

I’m sure some trickery will have been used particularly given the sheer size of this game, but it looks great nonetheless. Good to play a great game looking better than ever.

Mystogan410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

"though the base assets - including art quality - look to be the same as the game running on the standard PlayStation 4"

Oww... guess I was right. No 4K assets.

I was wrong about there being no difference I couldn't see it from these screenshots but I can definitely see it from the DF shots. Images do look sharper but like I originally said there are no 4K assets. Everything looks the same but a bit sharper. No extra details or effects.

Ju409d ago

Doesn't need to. Assets are high enough. Watch this and see the details which pop out all of a sudden which weren't there before.

Mystogan410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

looks the same to me.. I'm looking at it on a 4K monitor. It appears they just upped the resolution with no actual 4K assets.

Hopefully Xbox One X gets different treatment.

MrFisher21410d ago

And this is an example of a troll folks. That may need glasses.

S2Killinit410d ago

So sad that he feels he needs to lie. It must be upseting for him to see that the Pro is capable of this

NoPeace_Walker409d ago

Looks great on the Pro with the patch. I don't have the PS4 Pro but hopefully the XB1X system that I'm getting will see even bigger improvements over the standard PS4 and XB1.

yeahokwhatever410d ago

"actual 4K assets" isn't a real thing. Go home, you're drunk.

Mystogan410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

with 4K assets I mean 4K textures. Which this clearly doesn't have. Otherwise you would immediately be able to see the difference. Just like Tomb Raider.

Wait for Digital Foundry to get on this and prove me right. Ya'll sony fans are looking desperate right now.

Mystogan410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

yup, No 4k assets, like I said.
" though the base assets - including art quality - look to be the same as the game running on the standard PlayStation 4. "


It is... but Im not taking his side :P

yeahokwhatever410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Q: How much memory do you suppose a 4096x4096 texture takes up?
A: 64MB of VRAM and 64MB of system RAM.
Q: How many textures are in a given scene?
A: A LOT. With "4k textures", you could have as many as 125 textures in 8GB of VRAM, assuming you leave nothing for the actual frame buffer, bumpmapping, or anything else the GPU needs its memory for.
How much VRAM do you think the PS4 or XB1 actually have? haha, good Lord.

All that article says is that they didn't improve the assets in the 4K patch. That doesn't mean "4k textures" is a thing or an option. Thats asinine. Of course having textures with higher than what you have in the 1080p version of the game would look even better, but so would better textures in a 1080p game. Why do DVDs @ 480p look so real? You're literally looking at a 480p texture. Unbelievable.

Ju409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Textures are improved as shown in other places. They might have been there all along but have never resolved in its full resolution. This usually happens dynamically. Not all textures need to be 4K; this is overkill; and they include multiple resolutions. It really depends on the engine and power which one gets resolved in game. It looks stark improved over the standard PS4 version.

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Ceaser9857361409d ago


i bet you gonna Praise X for sure even if it has no differences... i am waiting for the X to release to prove so many "X gonna tear everyone apart" fanboys how wrong they are .

Mystogan409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

Lol we already seen some Xbox One X comparisons.
In rise of the tomb raider. The X version looks night and day compared to PS4 Pro.

It even looks better than the PC version. But admittedly that might be because PC didn't have the 4K assets.

Ceaser9857361409d ago (Edited 409d ago )


"Lol we already seen some Xbox One X comparisons.
In rise of the tomb raider. The X version looks night and day compared to PS4 Pro. "

LOL! and you proved me right... You guys never learn... Good that you found vast difference between the Pro and the X.. Well its Not true... A few difference here and there may be but nothing ground breaking but you gonna exaggerate...

kevnb409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

this is why people hate Microsoft, "4k assets" is such a stupid term. The assets already in the game are high enough quality to look great in 4k already. I swear people think games are just big giant textures.

Aenea409d ago

No such thing as 4k assets/textures....

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Eonjay410d ago

I just relized yesterday that Infamous Second Son has HDR. I had no idea that was included. I have to say, more than resolution, this is where its at. Resolution is one thing but I think there is so much inspired artwork that we missing out on because we don't have a compatible set.

yeahokwhatever410d ago

I want 1080HDR. 4K can suck a fat one.

Bruh410d ago

The game just looked blurry on larger 4K TV's but with this update its extremely sharp, hard to tell the difference from a native 4K image.