Why Gen 6 Is the Best Generation

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Our mission to determine which console generation is the best of them all has finally reached the current millennium, with our look at the 6th generation and why it should be considered the best one of them all. This era of gaming represented a major evolution to the very meaning of what it meant to be a game console as nearly all the major systems on the market introduced new features like multimedia playable, network connectivity and other features that moved them closer to being entertainment centers rather than just a way to play games. In a lot of ways the current stable of consoles can trace their roots directly back to what we saw in the 6th generation, easily making it one of the most influential gaming generations of them all."

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ClanPsi1352d ago

Generation 6: When M$ ruined the gaming industry.

MrFisher21352d ago

This is only possible if you don't own a PS4. And who is that naive?

sinjonezp352d ago

THE beauty of Gen6 was the games. We had so many games coming out each and every quarter. Now with technology reaching the heights they are at now, game development takes for ever and, extremely costly. Back during Gen 6 one couldn't list all the great titles that came out for Xbox n ps2

Skull521352d ago

All you needed was an Xbox and Halo and you were good, you had the best the generation had to offer. It was great Xbox Live started on the original as well, that few years of extra experience has set Microsoft far ahead in the online service department, they are a generation ahead of the competition and will remain that way.

darthv72351d ago

Great hardware: Dreamcast, PS2, GCN, Xbox and great games: Power Stone, GoW, Mario Sunshine, Stubbs the Zombie...

Gen 6 certainly is good but my personal favorite is Gen 4. Genesis FTW!

Dragonscale351d ago

@skull, so an xbox n halo alone was better than the PS2 with its massive library of fantastic games?



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Xenophon_York352d ago

Not many loathe Microsoft (though, hopefully XBOX will secede some day) as much as I, but even I know how much good the original XBOX brought to the gaming community. Still: certainly not the best generation of gaming, there O.D.C. I'll be avoiding your feeble and desperate style of reader-fishing.

FinalFantasyFanatic352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

If I remember correctly people made fun of the original Xbox until it got Halo and then it got popular (Xbox still did bring other good features like a proper online network, hard drives, ect...). My memory could be hazy though cause I was in my mid to late teens at the time. In that gen, the PS2 was still the best, the 360/ps3/Wii gen was a mixture of good stuff and fails though.

LastCenturyRob352d ago

You praise the Xbox but hope MS "secedes? OK with that. Do you "loath" Sony for when they sued Blockbuster and Hollywood video back in the 90's trying to stop renting games and selling used games? If Sony didn't lose that case in court used games and game rentals would be a thing of the past...but it's Sony so that just fine and dandy.

septemberindecember352d ago

The fact that this comment gets any likes boggles my mind.

ChrisW352d ago

It doesn't boggle my mind. This is the Internet. And people like idiots on the Internet...

roslindros352d ago

Right, do you people not understand that competition in the industry is good for everyone

freshslicepizza352d ago

Why there are still likes and dislikes boggles my mind.

The PS2 really solidified Sony's existence into videogames while showing how poorly Nintendo communicates with third party publishers. It also showed just how competitive the marketplace was to any newcomer like Microsoft.

The 10th Rider352d ago


I agree that we should abolish the like/dislike button. All it does is encourage a mob mentality and discourages actual discussion. If you agree and have something to add, reply and say so. If you disagree then comment and say so. It's easy enough.

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3-4-5352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

You mean with Halo 2 and the inclusion of awesome and reliable online multiplayer gaming abilities.

Also Crimson Skies, Death Row, Blood Wake and many other great multiplayer games.

Gen 6 was amazing for all the consoles.

ClanPsi1352d ago

M$ also pioneered paid 3rd-party exclusivity, paid online play, paid DLC, video game censorship, toxic online communities, and massive ugly gaming consoles.

Max-Zorin352d ago

This guy, is probably one of those ignorant DPS players that blame everything on the Healer.

Dragonscale351d ago

@skull, so an xbox n halo alone was better than the PS2 with its massive library of fantastic games?


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Gamist2dot0352d ago

Besides the strong lineup of games on the PS2, the Xbox brought co-op to a new level on consoles - lan play, convenience with built in HDD and custom background music during game play.

Valkron1352d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself!

DefenderOfDoom2352d ago

Orginal PLAYSTATION had lan play . Used to play DOOM co-op and deathmatch thru lan a lot back in 95-96. HALO and XBOX live is what made XBOX popular back in 6th gen . They also had a port of DOOM 3 and PS2 did not.

darthv72351d ago

Maybe you are thinking system link which isnt quite the same as LAN. System link was limited to 2 systems and upwards of 4 players (some games may have offered more) where as xbox LAN had no real limit to the number of systems but some games did have player count limits when using a LAN setup.

Relientk77352d ago

Man, oh boy did PS2 bring the games


SolidGear3352d ago

Gen 7 is my favorite but I skipped 6 so that's probably why I feel that way. Gen 7 was my first foray into gaming since the middle of gen 5.

goken352d ago

Gen 6 was Japanese game development at it's peak, with western developers also doing great. basically raining games back then. and variety was great.
Gen 7 Japanese game development fell far, while western developers continue to improve.
although currently Japanese developers seem to be experiencing some kind of renaissance, but still far from the lofty Heights of gen 6 and 7. western developers continue to improve. hopefully things will continue to improve

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