Assassin's Creed Origins: 20 Minutes of 4K Xbox One X Gameplay

Get a look at the beautiful world of Egypt along with seeing how side quests work in this new video for Assassin's Creed Origins.

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KionicWarlord222140d ago

This is a beautiful looking game.

Super crisp.

freshslicepizza140d ago

Looks really good on something that is fairly inexpensive when you really think about it. $500 for what looks to be high settings on a much more expensive PC build.

corroios139d ago

fairly inexpensive? in what world. Everyone talks that the perfect price for a console is 199! not 499+

One of the biggest problems of the launch of the Xbox One was the price tag 499 against the 399 of the PS4.

People forget stuff like that and does this runs native 4k or is it the true 4k from Microsoft?

freshslicepizza139d ago

Well the PS3 sold rather well over the cheaper $499 model. People will pay for more expensive things.

ThePope139d ago


Thats funny you say that because an argument against the X1X is that people will just build a PC. So $900-$2000 isnt a lot money but $500 is? Odd.

xHeavYx139d ago ShowReplies(3)
brokasfawk139d ago

The animation when he gets on the camel is odd looking
He kinda just floats up there

aawells07139d ago

Minor thing but so glad that you dont have to hold the button down to loot something. Kill a bunch of guys and have to spend 10 mins looting them all.

The_Sage139d ago

I did notice that his arm clipped through the people while he was carrying them.

The_Sage139d ago

Assassin's Cry Primal Egypt.