Forza Motorsport 7 Video Review: A Gorgeous and Competent Racing Game | EB

EB: Forza 7 is a gem of a game to look at and play. The MP lobbies require a bit of wait time, and there are micro transactions, but the visual fidelity and gameplay make both of these downsides relatively forgettable.

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4Sh0w285d ago

"Everything from the cars to the tracks is brought to life with digital flair and perfection."

"Forza 7’s gameplay is also a high point and gets very addicting fast, and I wouldn’t call myself a die hard racing game fan in the least."

-Forza7 continues to impress, Turn10 really know what they are doing.

Bigpappy283d ago

Well this is by far the BEST racing game available from what I am seeing and reading. It has the best handling, visuals, sense of speed, AI, lineup of cars and online 24 car match support all at a solid 60fps

Team_Litt285d ago

But the microtransactions. Lol those we do not speak of, AKA The Horde, AKA The String, AKA The Herd are not happy about the fantastic reviews

marquisray283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

the funny thing is the micro transactions nevered bothered me, Because Sony recruiting skills suck lol