Square Enix’s PAX West Showing Implies a Renewed Focus on Imports

Mike Cosimano takes us through the Square Enix PAX West line up - everything from The Lost Sphear, to Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, and beyond!

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PhoenixUp73d ago

I wish Square Enix would dramatically increase the localization/import process for Dragon Quest

VenomSnakeRisingX72d ago


I don't even know if this is really a "renewed focus" as Square has put Dissida, I Am Setsuna and many more to the west. Speed is what I'm worried about, I want the process to be more stream lined. FFXV came day and date, thats what needs to happen to stuff like Dragon Quest XI, not us waiting likely another year to play something that is playable in Japan. We know they can as look at FFXV. Maybe Dragon Quest and other series can get some of those numbers if they market world wide and release world wide.