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The Digital Fix play Sony and Naughty Dog's Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PlayStation 4.

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Hallgeir351d ago

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is absolutley superb. Naughty Dog nailed the pacing and variety this time around and the puzzles are entertaining some big some smaller ones. Chloe proves she can hold the Uncharted torch, shes a strong female character with fantastic attitude and dialog. Claudia Black does an awesome job and the chemestry between Chloe and Nadine is well written.

My game of the year next to Horizon: Zero Dawn

gbsrnctaln351d ago

Yeah it feels weird to say, but its my GOTY as well. I thought for sure Horizon had it locked up, but then an EXPANSION came along and stole it! Fing awesome game and for me, better than U4.

cfc83351d ago

Very good game, but at the time of speaking my goty would be yakuza 0. Lost Legacy had a tremendously strong finish. Really liked it.

guyman351d ago

ps4 and sony have been receiving a lot of hate on here. It's what happens when you're performing the best and producing brilliant games.

We seem to have the same taste. Nice one. 2017 has been fantastic and there's been something for everyone.