Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review - Where’s Your Curly Mustache? | MonsterVine

MonsterVine: "Playing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has been one of the most conflicting experiences I’ve ever had. While the gameplay and netcode are absolutely fantastic, the visuals, UI, and roster are painfully lacking. "

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FallenAngel1984229d ago

That headline makes me even more melancholy about this game.

ShinRon228d ago

If you liked the other mvc games this game is a 5/5 for gameplay alone

PapaBop228d ago

No gameplay in the world can make you unsee this image though:

Capcom dropped the ball big time, like how can anyone associated with the product look at that face and give it a thumbs up? If they can't even take the time to show their own IPs respect, why should anyone buy their game?

ShinRon228d ago

Imo a dumb thing to get riled up about, casual scrubs get capcom to invest in cheesy and pointless story bullshit which was never a strength in any of their games, then they whine about the predictably poor results.

Games presentation is lacking for sure but the gameplay is an improvement for the series