Microsoft Is Trying To Muscle Its Way Into Being A Player In Virtual Reality

Microsoft wants people to refer to a slew of new headsets from the likes of Samsung, HP, Lenovo, and more as “mixed reality.” But right now it’s a whole lot like VR.

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trumpwonstopcrying73d ago

why don't they refer anyone to playstation VR? they make VR too

spreadlove72d ago

Because PS VR is extremely limited to gaming, and has very little content. Even Sony is barely supporting it with software, they did instead try and sell you new hardware. Sony makes good money on that when Oculus can sell theirs for $399.

BlackTar18772d ago

Spreadlove................ Does nothing but hates with false information

Kiwi6671d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Would you expect Sony to refer people to holo lens despite it being from the competition so why would MS refer people to a product that their rival in the console space makes

darthv7271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I think what spread is trying to say is the PSVR is limited (currently) to a gaming only system. Now perhaps they will make it plug into a PC or a smart TV at some point but for now it is confined only to the PS4 family of systems (and prob the eventual Ps5).

where as MS's approach is more broad. Meaning they are creating a unified system for all type of HMD's for VR and MR to work on the PC and possibly consoles.

And what is with the sensationalist title??? "Muscle their way"..... hardly the situation

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Pancit_Canton72d ago


Yup, PSVR are limited to gaming. I forgot I was watching movies, listening to music and other media entertainment. /s

Krysis72d ago

You put on a clunky wired headset to listen to music? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

letsa_go72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Once again, Micro$oft doing what it does best, copying Sony! I bet they will assign Rare to make a VR game, because Rare is Micro$oft's go-to for copying other company's game ideas. I can see them making a free-to-play ARMS-style fighting VR game with xbox avatars and Micro$oftransactions.

DiRtY71d ago


Let me point out. where you were wrong.

1st: VR is not a Sony-thing. You might have noticed that everyone and their moms tried to do something with VR for some time now (Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Valve, Google, etc.)

2nd: Microsoft is not copying Sony in any way here. Sony released there VR-device for their system, the PS4. MS wants to release devices from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and the new partner Samsung for Windows. That may or may not include the Xbox One (X) in the future. The difference couldn't be more obvious.

3rd: Rare is currently working on a new and very unique IP, Sea of Thieves.

meka261171d ago

That's funny when sony are the biggest copiers and theifs in the business. They stole the idea for the dualshock controller, they copied the idea of trophies from achievements, they copied off the wii with playstation move, and also copied kinect with the eyetoy. So what's your point?

Armyntt71d ago

@dirty, i understood your point until you mentioned sea of thieves. That game is going to crash so hard. Ive never talked to a buddy who was excited or even knew about that game.

generic-user-name72d ago

Yeah, once the trailblazers and innovators have already paved the way and proven it's worth. It's like putting your money on a horse you know will win, or like if you were to try and buy exclusivity for PUBG after it already became wildly popular.

ImGumbyDammit73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I wouldn't exactly call it muscling. Microsoft opened up their Mixed Reality API and VR head design for partners to use. Muscling implies force. I don't see any arm twisting going on. Microsoft is just making partnerships. I am sure OEMs like the idea of not having to do all the development work and have a device that works out of the box with the Windows ecosystem. Not like Oculus, Hive, PSVR or others couldn't open and share their VR development with other OEMs to use in other VR devices. But these other VR headsets rather stay essentially proprietary with respect to their current company. There is also nothing stopping them from partnering up with Microsoft in the future as well or implementing the Microsoft's open Mixed Realty API in any of their own devices.

freshslicepizza73d ago

It's not muscling, I can and will continue to use Oculus Rift on my Windows 10 PC. That's one of the many great things about PC gaming.

MrFisher2172d ago

Do you keep eye contact? And are you able to use no hands? What about a gag reflex?

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timotim72d ago

I wouldn't say muscle its way into...i would say more that Microsoft is trying to be smart and holistic about there MR (which s a step beyond VR) approach...which is exactly what they should be doing.

The Windows eco system is much bigger than anything in the console space. Microsoft has the OEMs, the OS, competitive prices, and experience from all the devs doing work in this space currently. It's a good place to be in.

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