'God of War' Hinges on the Bond of Its 2 New Actors

The anticipated video game's leads, who have spent years working as Kratos and his son Atreus, can finally reveal secrets about the antihero's new direction: "He's definitely a changed person."

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Cy67d ago

This looks like it's gonna be everything I wanted from this game.

roadkillers67d ago

I agree, I really was drawn to the revenge of Kratos, but this adds another layer. The game looks fantastic and I haven't been this hyped since God of War 2.

skydragoonityx67d ago

The wait is too long.. anybody got a time machine they arent using?

Atticus_finch67d ago

We should be getting an exact release date pretty soon. It wouldn't surprise me if it realases in March.

jeremyj291367d ago

Always has been the month of Kratos. Might as well continue the tradition. Lol

proofmaster67d ago

It's sad that articles like this one aren't the hottest of the day and some bullshit blog posts get there.

opinionated67d ago

Good article. I hate that the kid button is square though. That means combat will probably use the triggers..

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