Activision's Marketing Department Obviously Thinks That Microtransactions Will Generate More Sales

Beyond Gaming writes: So, as we have mentioned so many times before, microtransactions will continue to ignore user experience, they will slowly become a norm and we can see them evolving every day.

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MunchMiller00354d ago

Activision's marketing department is probably right. There is a galactic tidal wave of stupid people out there that are more than willing to be siphoned like the lemmings they are.

ThinkThink354d ago

Also known as buying what you want with your own money.

crazychris4124354d ago

...and fucking up game mechanics for everyone else in games like in Destiny 2, Forza 7, Shadow of War, NBA 2K17 and Fortnite. That's just games this year where games have been built around microtransactions.

ThinkThink354d ago

I'm not saying it's right but clearly the number of people that enjoy them outweighs the rest of us. Can't win them all but you can vote with your wallet. Problem is, so can they.

meatnormous354d ago

Thats what gaming as a service is. Its where its headed and its eventual downfall.

opinionated354d ago

Obviously it doesn't, you're stretching your mind thin with such baseless speculation. It's actually much simpler and less insidious than you're imagining.

It costs them nothing to give away the coins. They don't have to produce content or manufacture trinkets. They aren't doing that because they think it will generate more sales, they are doing it because it costs them nothing to do and it's another thing to tack onto the preorder incentive.