Top 11 Modern Video Game Endings That Sucked

Modern video games love to tell epic tales - but these are the outings that failed in delivering satisfying endings to their twists and turns.

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GamesMaster1982436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

I would definitely replace Metal Gear Solid 2 from that list with Metal Gear Solid V

Fist4achin436d ago

There were definitely some doozies on there. Sucks when you spemd a lot of time on a game with a great story to have it fizzle out...

ifrit_caress436d ago

I would replace MGS2 with I Am Alive. That game had me hoping the protagonist would finally get to see his wife and child but instead, you are shown a cut scene of a woman watching a recorded message on a camera where the protagonist promises that he will see/find her. The woman cries then... credits.

What the efing ef...?