What Does Kickstarter's Launch in Japan Mean For Games?

As Kickstarter opens itself up to creators from Japan, Cliqist considers what this could mean in terms of past and future crowdfunded video game projects.

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-Foxtrot320d ago

Maybe some Japanese devs who get sick of publishers ruining franchises they helped create will bail and make spiritual successors.

FallenAngel1984319d ago

There've already been Japanese devs who used Kickstarter

-Foxtrot319d ago

Maybe it'll bring more in...who knows

FinalFantasyFanatic319d ago


I'll predict probably not, since most kick-starters fail,but we'll see.

quent319d ago

Japan also has a great indie scene, just obscure to the rest of the world, I'd recommend checking out SuperBunnyhop channel on YT for his "in my inbox" segment of vids, there's some amazing indie games out there that we would never know even existed if not for a lot of these content creators

MunchMiller00319d ago

Means Japanese gamers get to enjoy being ripped off now too.

andrewsquall318d ago

Isn't Shemnue 3 being made in Japan and wasn't that funded on Kickstarter since June 2015? Same with that new game by the Castlevania creator, same with that disastrous Mega Man creator game too.