Kid goes crazy after getting a Nintendo Switch for birthday

With the shortage of Switch consoles out there, you can imagine how excited people get when they finally manage to find one. Now imagine if you're a kid and you get one for your birthday.

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thekhurg352d ago

That's why some parents buy from the scalper scumbags. That reaction right there are the ones most impacted by greedy pricks.

gangsta_red353d ago

Nintendo Sixty Fooooooooour!!!

crazychris4124353d ago

Yea but when I do this I get tasered and locked up for the weekend

Neonridr353d ago

are you sure doing this isn't a result of getting tasered as your roll around on the ground? :P

FullmetalRoyale352d ago

You do you, brother. The world will catch up!

The 10th Rider352d ago (Edited 352d ago )


That reminds me of the actor Michael Shannon (Man of Steel, Mud, Take Shelter, Nocturnal Animals). During an interview he said something about how it's kind of weird that if he acts crazy out at the store or anywhere else, he'd be locked up, but if he goes and acts crazy on stage or camera people give him awards, lol.

On a side note, if they ever made a live action Legend of Zelda movie he'd be an incredible Ganondorf. He's 6' 3", intense as f***, and his face shape is even similar to Ganondorf's.

Sirk7x352d ago

He is a great actor too.

EddieNX 353d ago

this was me inside when I picked mine up.

GordonKnight352d ago

That was me when I got my master sword edition of BOTW

Relientk77353d ago

Lol now I gotta watch the N64 kid too

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The story is too old to be commented.