How Did Steam Get This Bad?

Valve recently pulled over 170 junk games from Steam. But how did those games even make it through the approval process? Why can't Valve properly maintain its storefront?

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FinalFantasyFanatic377d ago

I have to agree people give Steam a free pass for some reason, I never really liked the service but just tolerated it, I think as they got bigger, quality control just went out of the window. If only another good service like GOG became more popular and gave them some strong competition.

2cents377d ago

The rot starts at the top, lookin at you Gabe.

roadkillers377d ago

That's not true at all. Rot starts from the bottom with people submitting terrible games (or money grabbing games), then those people complain that other games have microtransactions why can't their game, with all games being different the line is blurred and "Gabe" (or whoever) has no choice, but to release it.

The rot starts from the bottom, but so does the best. These people are the ones who hate the crappy games, which allows Steam to remove them without outcry. Fans control which games hit Steam, not Gabe. If there is a big enough outcry, Valve will remove the games or change policy. If they don't they lose their playerbase.

2cents376d ago

The curators and caretakers of steam are servants to the great custodian Gabe. If you think that gamers are in charge of steam you need to reassess the details and historical events where Gabe has shown his final form and passed judgement on many 'situations'.

There is but a fraction of the [email protected] on steam available on live or psn, because the control is far more stringent. On the other hand, Gabe likes money so publish away, they will deal with it before it becomes a legal issue, but not until all possible revenues have been drained.

chris235377d ago

no matter what digital store: they all have to get cleaned up sooner or later because of people. there is a huge portion of people who just want to cash in, no matter what. they are pulling a nintendo stunt by releasing no-efforts in order to make some bucks. the more popular a store gets the more of such non valeurs will show up.
but instead of voting with their wallets people click on such crap. i really couldn't care less. but obviously there must be a market.

Eulderink377d ago

yea, the store sucks. cant find good games wit atleast sifting through pages of dlc's, duplicated games (for some reason), and the amount of horrible tags that seem to take away too many games.
They really need to update that shit.
The only way i find the games i'm interested in is using google, or other game selling sites like g2a.

kevnb377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

The only reason those games were removed is because they arent even meant to be played. Lets just calm down people, steam is still overall pretty awesome.

Razzer376d ago

And most never even knew those games existed. Making a big deal out of nothing.

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