How Microsoft built the world’s most powerful game console

An inside look at the development of the Xbox One X, and what it means for the future of console gaming

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raWfodog53d ago

@ 1:25 - Looked like the white console was about to tip over. Where are the base stands? :)

Skull52153d ago

Just a little over a month left, this thing is gonna change console gaming forever, I’m sure we are gonna see this do some stuff we aren’t expecting with PC and Xbox coming together.

TheVetOfGaming53d ago

I wouldn't say that. It's just an upgraded Xbox. Does look promising for fans though.

SierraGuy53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Keep dreaming bro...junk cpu...nothing PC or Pro hasn't done already...the verge junk article, junk website. Go Jaguar cpu! Not for me. I already have Jaguar mobile tech in a 4 year old console and it's crap.

zackeroniii52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

is it gonna change console gaming forever by having no worthy exclusives??? i hope no other company follows that suit :O

Audioflix52d ago

Will the power of 4k create games and turn bad games good?.......I think not. Little to excited there bud

trumpwonstopcrying52d ago

Idk why people are going nuts like they did something spectacular here. They spent extra money to make a console stronger than the Pro. It won't change console gaming because there really isn't anything groundbreaking here. 4k resolution and HDR on consoles would have come to gaming with or without the X.

dirkdady52d ago

whats with the hyperbolic statements like "its going change console gaming forever.."?? Its going to change it as much as the PS Pro did - which is nil. In a year or two a PS4 Pro2 will be out and that will be the most powerful console ever and im sure you will be on here saying the same garbage "its going to change console gaming forever.." well forever must mean a different thing in your mind.

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Genuine-User52d ago

It looked steady. I'm not sure what you're seeing.

raWfodog51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Alright, not exactly at 1:25 but keep watching...(around 1:27, 1:28)

WePlayDirty53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It's not hard to build a powerful console if you want to lose money on it. Just sayin.

Concertoine53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I assume youre talking about the profit margin on the hardware?

From the estimates weve seen it is probably losing money but not much. Hardware losses are kind of standard practice going back to the 6th gen. I think the impressive thing to witness is how sleek and efficient of a system their hardware guys can push out when theyre given the time they need.

The 360 was loud, big and had a brick bigger than a gameboy and that was the LEAST of its problems.

The One X is small, powerful as hell and doesnt even have a brick. For once i can get an xbox that isnt the gas guzzling american behemoth taking up the same space 3 japanese consoles do under my tv lol.

WePlayDirty53d ago

Right. Regardless of all of that, it’s not that hard to build ‘the world’s most powerful console’. That’s my point.

jukins53d ago

@WEPLAYDIRTY I'm primarily a PlayStation guy but you gotta give it up to Microsoft on the design on the Xbox 1 x. As far as consoles go it's far beyond anything anyone has ever done. And im not just talking power. For example vapor cooling in a console? This advanced cooling allows them to reach enthusiast level you speeds and bandwidth.

While I won't be getting the Xbox one x because I'm midway through saving for an actual high end pc rig, it is exciting to see consoles finally go beyond a typical console build aka "customized" downgraded low wattage pc components.

WePlayDirty53d ago

-_- again. It’s not hard to make the world’s most powerful console. At the time, the OG xbox was the world’s most powerful console. This article shouldn’t exist. The only reason why it does is to hype up a console that won’t be the most powerful in a few years.

WeebLord52d ago

It is and it isn't, it's not just about throwing money at it. You want it to be small, have no power brick, be quiet, low TDP, reliability at every potential point of failure and not cost an arm and a leg. All those things don't come with just spending money.

MS is barely straddling that line and I'm unwilling to say they've failed. What Sony and MS do with designing a console is so far beyond what you imagine, you should probably just cease speaking about it.

MegamanXXX53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

This new console should help Microsoft surpass the 30 million mark now. But still has a long ways to go. Hopefully they will put more focus on their internal studios next instead of third party deals.

Genuine-User52d ago

There is no way the Xbox One is still under 30 million.

MegamanXXX52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You're right it just surpassed 30 million last month

SolidStateSnake52d ago

Remove 1 or 2 million since VG always like to overhype sales of xbox brand.

zuul901852d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Thats an odd thing to say... some sort of weirdly cryptic backhanded insult about their sales?
Also youre implying that the xbox wouldnt surpass 30 mil without this? (Even though as you apprently say it already had)
Jeez i just have so many questions about your post.
A long ways to go til what? Do they have to reach a target number? Whats the reward for when they get there? If they reach wherever they have to go will it change your opinion? How long do they have to reach wherever they have to go? Its a long ways right, so do they get a long time? If they reach that point but others have moved in the time it took to reach that point is the point changed? Do they stop once they reach that point?

MegamanXXX52d ago

Actually I want Microsoft to do better than Sony in the game department. Competition is healthy in the industry.

tontontam052d ago

Yup xbox fans are going to buy an xbox again because of unacceptable performance of the original xbox one and xbox one s.

Same old hardcore xbox fans are going to buy xbox one x, no significant increase in userbase will happen. so basically ms is just milking their fanbase and not increasing it.

thexmanone52d ago

Let me fix that-

Yup Sony fans are going to buy an PS4 again because of unacceptable performance of the original PS4 and PS4 slim

Same old hardcore PS fans are going to buy PS4 Pro, no significant increase in userbase will happen. so basically Sony is just milking their fanbase and not increasing it.

See how that works

tontontam052d ago

Let me fix that- again

Yup Sony fans are going to buy a PS4 again because they want better performance.

Same old hardcore PS fans are going to buy PS4 Pro, a slight increase in userbase because refurbished original ps4's will be bought by new users.

PhoenixUp53d ago

I noticed that Xbox Ones demo kiosks are being taken out of Gamestop, most likely to replace them with XOX models

SierraGuy53d ago

No it's because nobody plays them (no games) and scaring away customers.

Bigpappy52d ago

some Gamestops already have them.

tontontam052d ago

Yup because ms wants to forget the original xbox as soon as possible,

See the articles floating around they treating as if the original xbox one is non existent.

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EddieNX 53d ago

They used magic. Saved u a watch.

Genuine-User52d ago

The same magic Nintendo used to build the Switch? Yes? Ok.

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