Final Fantasy IX Tops PS4 Download Charts in Japan; Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Debuts in 20th

Final Fantasy IX crowns its surprise release with a top spot in the Japanese PS4 download charts. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gets a weak launch.

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PhoenixUp231d ago

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is debuting poorly in many regions cuz many decisions into making the game turned off longtime fans. Both companies have only themselves to blame.

In other news FFIX is a beast in so many ways. I have all my favorite FF games on one platform now

jznrpg231d ago

Oh snap forgot to buy this !! Love this game

moegooner88231d ago

Capcom didnt get the memo. Doesn’t matter how many platforms you put your game on, when it is a content related matter, it will always sell poorly.

DivineAssault 231d ago

Capcom did that to themselves.. I just hope they see why it sold poorly and fix the issues surrounding it.. It would be a damn shame if the series dies off due to incompetence.. Im downloading FF9 sometime next month.. I really wish square wouldve released this and 7 physically.. Hellblade sold really well and so did Sonic mania.. None of which released physically.. I dont want that to become normal business practices for companies to save money since they already stopped giving us manuals.. I like collecting my games physically.

Fist4achin231d ago

I agree with you on the physical format. I hate seeing it slowly disappear.

The 10th Rider231d ago

Not to mention lack of physical games means no aftermarket sales. Now some companies want that, but 10-20 years from now who knows if there'll even be a digital store selling those games? And you won't be able to find digital only games used. It's not a huge concern on PC, but on consoles if the store is shut down you'd no longer be able to get your hands on digital only games.

MunchMiller00231d ago

Surprising how fossilized Squaresoft games sell better than modern SquareEnix games, even at stupid prices.

Oh wait, no, no it's not.