Hands On With Assassin’s Creed Origins On Xbox One X – First impressions

ThisGenGaming Says: "I had the opportunity to go to GameForce in Belgium today and I’ve used most of my time checking out how well the Xbox One X performs. To give you the short of it; it looked stunning! Surprisingly, it wasn’t Forza 7 that blew me away, but Assassin’s Creed Origins!"

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jlove4life107d ago

Nice article i'm debating buying this on xbox x or ps4pro due to crackdown debacle all i'll have is og x1 games not into forza nothing else really peaking my interest :/

Ghost_of_Tsushima107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

The game will run best on a Xbox One X. I say get the game where your friends are or if you want to save $500 get it on PS4 Pro.

Kiwi66107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Isn't the article about Xbox X version of Assassin's Creed and not which console has the best exclusives or have I read it wrong
Why the edit as before you said something like get a PS4 & Switch like I did as they have the best exclusives and changed it to what you wrote now

Woolly_107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I love your sneaky edits lol. .

From, " . . for their amazing exclusives", and " some of the best exclusives " to . .
" get the game where your friends are . . . "

It seems you're not sure of yourself. .

Every X article has to be about another console and its games *sigh* ^_^

BigWan78106d ago

Its insecurity..

The_Infected and others like him, are really upset by any positive xbox news...

Is really quite pathetic that video games (comsoles) can bother someone to the degree it bothers them.

they will literally go to the depths of their souls to find something to hate about it...

jmetalhead77812106d ago


They go through all that trouble and have ZERO impact on people's purchasing decisions. You just have to pity someone that is that miserable and hateful, that they comment daily, multiple times on a video game console they have no interest in!! It's sad. I'm thinking of starting a fund raiser to raise awareness to this sickness... Video game nerd insecurities. Do you suffer from VGNI? Well, you're not alone, and there's hope. It's called "Get a life loser".

Ju106d ago

That's stupid. You'd safe $100 and have to rebuy everything. If already have an xb, get an XoX. Nothing wrong with that.

freshslicepizza106d ago

"The game will run best on a Xbox One X. I say get the game where your friends are or if you want to save $500 get it on PS4 Pro."

Is the PS4 Pro free? I don't get how you save $500 by getting a PS4 Pro. You save $100 by having a version that doesn't perform as well. That's all you need to say if you want to keep giving credit to the PS4 in every topic because you aren't interested in the Xbox One X but can't stay away from topics about it.

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Ulf106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Get a Xbox One X for multiplats and MS exclusives. Get a regular PS4 for PS4 exclusives -- it's not that different from PS4 Pro. Look at it this way, by giving yourself "points" for the systems you own, in order of system power:

(4) Xbox One X
(3) PS4 Pro
(2) PS4
(1) Xbox One

Xbox One X + PS4 == "6" points. Xbox One + PS4 Pro == "4" points. The winning combo is clear.

zerocarnage106d ago

Why not Xbox one X and ps4 pro, wouldn't that be the best combo??

Ulf106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

@zerocarnage: Okay yeah, good point! I suppose that not everyone is interested in saving $100.

I was more wanting to address folks who either don't have either, and want both, or folks who have both a PS4 and Xbox One, and want a 4K console upgrade. If you've only got one console, the choice seems pretty clear -- you should get the other brand as your 4K, unless you're a total fanboy, or rich enough to have the double whammy.

Ju106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

If you wanted to safe an extra $100 you might as well get a Pro and Xbos. Or even more and get an xb and a Slim. It's not always about the money, though

Gman32106d ago

So what the xbox one x is not for you then

Robcha106d ago

Don't know why u got down voted

Kun_ADR106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

If you want upvote then you need to say "picking this up for my Pro".

zerocarnage106d ago

On this site to get upvoted you need to be a fanboy who is clearly on the side of Sony when it comes to commenting on these pages..

Or you have the same 50-160 people regularly downvoting you for anything positive about ms or anything to do with them.

Of course if you talk exclusives in every Xbox post then you get double votes because they go and use there extra accounts to make it look like there are a Hurd of cattle fanboys who behave like sheep going round in circles waiting for the wolves to get hungry and pick them apart.

DigitalRaptor106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Now this is a game worthy of hyping up as being visually splendiferous.

It has an incredible art direction, incredible environments with incredible detail. I just wish the character models and their animations were better.

B1uBurneR106d ago

What makes the gpu special is those 6 Terror flops fangs in a box. Putting a 3rd game in that box is like putting a live mouse in a box with a python.

zerocarnage106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I've seen that it's amazing, but really makes you not want to pick a snake up knowing your arm could be in there gob from dropping a rat in the tank..

Wohlever106d ago

Or, just get it on PC and know it will look even better than Xbox or Playstation.

optimus106d ago

Or don't even look at the PC because you know it will be full of glitches.😁

Woolly_106d ago

First step is to get it to run smoothly on your PC first, then you can focus on the visuals afterwards lol.

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