If Sony made a PS1 Mini - Here’s the games that Sony should include

It's no secret to anyone that Nintendo has experienced a lot of success with their NES and SNES mini console. So here's my (Sharn Daniels, TGG) my thoughts on which games that should be included in a potential PS1 mini console by Sony.

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naruga380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

all these classics are costing more than any mini console ...woulde be idiotic from Sony to include them all in one 70$ place ....also through PSN every one of them is pretty much overplayed PS cosole would nt have that much of an impact ..for example i already have the most of them in og disc form and PSn digital purchase , i wouldnt even bother buy PS mini

TGG_overlord380d ago

People would still buy it, so the question would be what a fair price point would be. How much do you want to bet? I know retailers that have been asked that question a million times just this year alone.

freshslicepizza380d ago

They should release a mini PS1 and then a mini PS2, easy cash for nostalgia. Throw in some RIDDDGE RAAACER!

Sam Fisher379d ago


Take this L, go sit at a corner

Littil_Devil380d ago

If the price would be right, then people would buy it for sure (just the collectors alone should be enough to motivate Sony to sort that console out).

iDadio380d ago

Siphon filter and Tenchu then I'm sold

379d ago
AnnaDea379d ago

It didn´t stop people from buying a snes mini even though they owned all of those games on vc....

MonChiChi379d ago

I like consoles, I still have my PS1, I would get this too even if I didn't plan on using much.

379d ago
Zjet379d ago

I would be more inclined to buy a disc as well,

however for the general consumer a lot of people don't even know you could download PS1 games on the PSN for PS3.

a Disc would do well,

put on Crash 1,2,3 Spyro 1,2,3 and that thing will sell like Hotcakes

letsa_go379d ago

Hey guess what? The world doesn't revolve around you! I never owned a PS1 and only played like 1-2 games at a friend's house. I would love to have one and experience all the games I missed since I was a Nintendo fanboy at the time.

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Smokingunz380d ago

Funny haha sony is know where as great as Nintendo so I sunny thunk it'll do well or cause lots off commosion like Nintendo products.

Suing has been copying Nintendo for years send they haven't been successful yet. It's bad luck to follow in Nintendo's footsteps, besides, u can play ps1 classics on every ain't system so what would be the point?

TGG_overlord380d ago

Could that then be said for the SEGA and Atari mini consoles as well? Sony hasn't been successful?

"u can play ps1 classics on every ain't system so what would be the point?"

- You could use emulators to play every single game there is on the NES and SNES mini, so what's your point?

edeprez380d ago

Well, Sony has sold more consoles than Nintendo, and their 20 some year legacy has produced many great games. I seem to remember playing classic Nintendo games on the Wii, and Wii U. So what is this difference? Neither current console has proper VC, you can't count the handful of PS2 games on PS4. The classics would all be on the switch eventually too, but they might not want to throw away the millions in profit from the classic mini systems.

TGG_overlord380d ago

I think Sony would have to weight in on this matter rather carefully. So "if" done right, then they could actually earn tons of money on a PS1 mini console.

quent379d ago

You know handhelds are consoles to right ?

Silly gameAr380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I can't really understand much of what you're saying, but what I can understand reads like BS and something a child would say. The Playstation has been around for 20 years. It wasn't luck that got them this far. It's good you think so highly of Nintendo, but no need to sh** on one brand that has been in the game for years, and put the other brand on a pedestal.

Nitrowolf2380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

What did I just read..

Or more accurately what did I just try to Read

Nintentional380d ago

English motherfucker, do you speak it?!
-Sam Jackson, Pulp Fiction

nowitzki2004379d ago

Wish I knew what you are trying to say.

pcz379d ago

did you use google translate to emulate english?

Segata379d ago

This was written so poorly I can barely process it.

RommyReigns379d ago

Smokingunz, you have been nominated for the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - October 2017' award!

letsa_go379d ago

I think you were dropped on your head at your current age

Matrix6379d ago

Had anybody translated or deciphered this....whatever it is?

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Sonic_Vs_Mario380d ago

Impossible. Sony doesn't own any of those games. If they did release a mini PlayStation 1 console it'll cost them millions to license those games.

TGG_overlord380d ago

Nothing is impossible ;) You don't say? And there's this little thing called "provision". So it would be kind of the same deal as you make when you realease a "best of horror" games collection or something like that (everyone gets a piece of the pie). For example, I hardly doubt that Atari owns ALL the games that's included with the Atari Jaguar mini console (they don't own the "Rayman" and "Alien vs Predator" IP for one).

Dannylew380d ago

Sony , in any case , is the publisher of ANY game on playstation.. the rights are in from the first day of development.

TGG_overlord380d ago

That would be another point, yes.

pcz379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

i agree, nintendo own 80percent of the classic titles for all their consoles. sony own what, 20percent? the majority of their AAA games are third party. ie a licensing nightmare for a mini ps project

Littil_Devil380d ago

I don't even know if this could be done. However, "if" that would be the case, then, sure, why not? I'm curious to see what the launch price would be though.

TGG_overlord380d ago

How does 80 to 100 pounds sound? (with one controller included).

PhoenixUp380d ago

PSTV is the closest thing

TGG_overlord380d ago

True enough, but "if" a PS1 console ever did happen to see the day of light. Then which games would you like to see on it?

PhoenixUp380d ago

Hard to say since I already bought a lot of PS1 games on PSN.

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