AMD RX Vega 64 Outperforms NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti By Up To 23% In DX12 Forza 7

In quite a shocking turn of events AMD’s RX Vega 64 manages to outpace NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 Ti by up to 23% in the upcoming DirectX 12 ready Forza 7. The racing game officially debuts next Tuesday, 3rd of October on PC but folks over at managed to get their hands on it early …

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steveo123456414d ago

Whats even more interesting is what vega 56 does to the 1070/1080!

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Bigpappy414d ago

This may explain why X1X is so shocking to some PC owners. X1X is all about DX12 and AMD. Your 1070 can't handle DX12 like M$ CUSTOM GPU and CPU combo!

Destiny1080414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

The only shocking thing is halo wars 2 running at 20fps

Onenyte414d ago

Lol chill , when console fanboys talk about pc gaming ,everything goes to shit lmao

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2pacalypsenow414d ago


That's my favorite band!

Kavorklestein413d ago

These Chicks don't even know the name of my band! Oh well, at least I brought My Salsa.

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Ashlen414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

I'd just like to remind you both consoles use custom AMD's hardware. And that Vulkan not DX12 so far has proven itself to be the best API.

Bigpappy414d ago

You are making blanket statements with nothing to support what you are saying. DX12 adoption is actually being very widely supported by all major engines and publishers. I have seen Vulkan and DX12 Benchmark test, and in most that I have seen, DX12 did better on AMD hardware or was even. Very few GPU's have the edge going Vulkan.

Ashlen414d ago

How is saying both consoles use custom AMD chips even possible of being a blanket statement... it's a fact.

And in virtually all games that have support for both which isn't many Vulkan has outperformed DX especially on AMD which was designed specifically to support it. It happens to do better on DX because Microsoft in large part copied Vulkan to make DX12.

TankCrossing414d ago

What games support vulkan and dx12?

dcbronco414d ago

Ashlen DX12 launched the year Vulkan was announced so it didn't copy Vulkan. Both are a result of AMD releasing Mantle. Mantle was AMD's Trojan horse for the gaming industry to help move people away from NVIDIA. Those same muliti-core changes that benefit AMD on the GPU side are also being seen on the CPU side with Zen where AMD wins in multi-core performance. This is why I believe Xbox X will perform better on the CPU side than people think. AMD and Microsoft cleared up the bandwidth issues of Jaguar on X and the CPU Microsoft is using is more like what AMD originally intended Jaguar and Fusion to be.

Bigpappy414d ago

I don't think I mentioned anything about consoles using AMD. Maybe you can point to where I mention consoles. My comments were strickly about the API. As for the differences with the consoles, X1X has strengths in every single area over the Pro to the point that having a discussion about that leads to people thinking that I am saying that it is a waste of an upgrade (Which I am really not. I thing it makes a very good 1080p upgrade over the PS4 with a more stable output and that checkerboarding is well used in Sony exclusives). The problem is, that it will never have the best version of any game released on both because it has no strengths in any area. This includes input, output, RAM, CPU, GPU, bandwidth, cooling method, Sound, etc..

Bigpappy414d ago

ValKan is not AMD's API. That was called Matle, or something like that, and was scrapped after they worked with M$ on DX12.
Here is a benchmark comparing DX12 with ValKan. Focus on AMD GUP results:

Ashlen414d ago


You are correct, I thought Doom Mad Max and Rust had both but they were all only Vulkan I was incorrect. But I was not wrong that the general consensus is that Vulkan is the superior API. 3D mark is the only real way to compare them atm that I know of. This video gives a demonstration of the two though you can get 3D mark and do your own test.


I didn't say Vulkan was an AMD API.

TankCrossing413d ago

Wasn't trying to correct you mate, I was just curious. I hadn't come across both APIs in one game, but then I certainly haven't played every game there is :)

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kevnb414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Nobody is surprised, a little disgusted by Microsoft’s dirty marketing though. Look at the way Sony handled the pro in comparison.

TankCrossing413d ago

I'm gonna go with a little bit of a "lol" and a little bit of a "what?"

kevnb413d ago

Microsoft has been caught multiple times in the last few decades, they even have astrturfers on forums like this.

SierraGuy413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Lol...and what cpu would that be? Has it evolved? Anything named Jaguar has lost my attention. Nvidia cards are awesome. 6 Teraflops GPU is special? GTX 1050 been there, done that someone smart already stated elsewhere.

meatnormous413d ago

The xb1x uses a card similar to the rx 480.

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2pacalypsenow414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

What about the rest of the games? You know the 99% of games that dont use DX12

Bigpappy414d ago

Actually all major engines, including Unreal 4, Unity, Dice engine, Ubi engine, etc. all support DX12. So the adoption rate is higher that you think. The developer doesn't have to make DX12 their focus, just have to use one of those engines and presto.

Ashlen414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

I guarantee the adoption rate is much lower than you think. And a lot of the games are DX 11 in a DX 12 wrapper that don't really make use of DX 12's features. Examples of this would be Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Civ Vi just off the top of my head. Nvidia hasn't fully adopted DX 12 into their hardware and because they are the market leader software developers haven't been motivated to fully utilize or even support DX 12.

And it's never as simple as presto just a fyi.

Bigpappy414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

At Ashlen: I don't post stuff I don't know about:
Why do you think so many games will automatically run 4K natively on X via Dynamic Resolution?

TankCrossing414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Compiling a game for Dx12 is very different to programming and optimising for it, and the vast majority of PC games that have a Dx12 option offer minimal gains over Dx11 nowhere near potential.

All the major game engines tout support for Dx12 (and Vulkan for that matter), but Forza 7 is currently a very rare example of a game that uses it properly.

Hopefully many more will follow.

Pretty sure Forza 7 also uses forward rendering, which is where a lot of the performance is gained. 8xMSAA at 4k is crazy.

Ashlen414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Clearly you do post stuff you don't know about.

Here is an interesting bit from the Tomb Raider article.

"With DX12 enabled, the overall score decreased to 34.12 FPS, Mountain Peak averaged 39.62 FPS, Syria scored 29.51 FPS and Geothermal Valley returned 32.10 FPS. We noticed moderate performance decreases across the board. At one point, the frame rate dipped to below 1 FPS, and the screen was visibly choppy. These results were mirrored by a desktop system we tested quickly to rule out system-related problems."

Again, both those game were released as DX11 games then they basically wrapped them up in DX12 and added basically none of the features. It's essentially the same render pipeline just in DX12. A game needs to be programmed from the ground up in DX12.

Second I own all three games I listed on PC and I can tell you there is no benefit to running them in DX12 either graphically of performance wise. And if you actually viewed gaming benchmarks or were on any actual PC gaming site/forums (aka not console4g) you would know that thus far performance gains from DX12 in gaming have been few and far between.

BTW if a game is using dynamic resolution it's not native 4k. But way to try move the goal posts in favor of X

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Lon3wolf414d ago

Wonder if NVidia will release new drivers to address this?

Jon_Targaryen414d ago

They're probably working on it as we speak.

Ashlen414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

They can't fully address it, it's a hardware issue.

Nvidia doesn't have as good hardware support for asynchronous compute as AMD does. And it's not limited to this game, all games that have full support of Vulkan and DX12 and benefit from asynchronous compute will always favor AMD over Nvidia's current and past video cards.

Sircolby45414d ago

The issue with that is thus far no game that is actually difficult to run (Snowdrop engine games, Battlefield 1 (not as difficult, but it demands a lot from CPU for destruction), etc) actually use the asynchronous compute. They keep trotting out these games that aren't very demanding like Forza 7 and beating their chest, but when it is that easy to run does it really matter? I mean we are talking 111 vs 136 FPS...On top of that the 1080 Ti still beats it out at 4K where the performance squeeze actually starts to come into play. (Although it still gets 90 FPS at 4K, so not that much of a squeeze.)

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