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Quantum of Solace (PC) Demo Available NOW

WorthPlaying writes: "Quantum of Solace blends intense first-person action with a 3rd person cover combat system that allows players to truly feel what it is like to be the ultimate secret agent as they use their stealth, precision shooting and lethal combat skills to progress. No need to buy any coke and enter a code, here's the freely downloadable demo for Treyarch's upcoming Quantum of Solace game" (James Bond : Quantum of Solace, PC)

Credit url: worthplaying.com
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INehalemEXI  +   2214d ago
I been waiting to peep this.

Edit: Took Way to many links to get to the actual download. What is that a site promotion stunt or what? Downloaded the file would not extract for me for some reason.
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BigKev45  +   2214d ago
Where's the 360 demo?
Ali_The_Brit_   2214d ago | Spam
morganfell  +   2214d ago
The demo is still uploading as well which means when you download the file has errors. I got mine at Shacknews.com
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2214d ago
If it doesn't work, try this one:

Otak0n693  +   2214d ago
Where the Wii demo?
Where The DS Demo?
Where The PS2 Demo?
steve30x  +   2214d ago
I wouldnt bother downloading this if I were you guys. I finished the demo in 5 minutes. Its the shortest demo I have ever played.
morganfell  +   2214d ago
So do you think no one deserves to have a look at this themselves? What about certified Bond fans that have owned and played every Bond game ever and are waiting to see if Activision can fix what EA broke? What about giving fans the chance to see how the COD4 engine is being used? What about fans that want to get a taste of the mechanics? And many demos often have more in them than is unlocked. How many demos have you ever played? Do you now begin to see the problem with your reasoning?
ugabugaz  +   2214d ago
I hope its good. Bond games could be masterpieces. I mean look at what Bond can offer

Women: Check!
Guns: Check!
Super Secret Double Crossing Spy Agent: Check!
Gadgets: Check!
Sweet Vehicles: Check!
Possible AAAA game: Check!
Ah i remember GoldenEye, and Nightfire( Yes i enjoyed it, i don't care if it has flaws)

One game that has managed to capture the Bond feel would be the "No one lives forever" Series. Incredibly nice games, although old if you guys can make sure you check them out. The first one is better.
morganfell  +   2214d ago
I already have the Collector's Edition pre-ordered for the PS3. This is a good confirmation.
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ambientFLIER  +   2214d ago
Eh? Nightfire was a great game, and was rated highly, too. I think you meant Rogue Agent.
Charmers  +   2214d ago
I have to admit I am impressed it is kinda nice of them to give the PC crowd first dibs on the demo for a change, just downloaded it and installing now. If the game is any good I might be picking this up, kudo's to Treyarch for this.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2214d ago
I can't play it.

It has an error on the .rar file. I've tried it multiple times...
Charmers  +   2214d ago
You aren't missing much believe me, the demo lasts all of 5 mins. Basically think COD 4 with a James Bond theme and that is it really. I wouldn't say the graphics are anything to shout about, still it ran smoothly on my PC at 1680 x 1050 only allows 4x AA and it seems to be capped at 30fps.

I am annoyed there is no option to run it in a windows (I sometimes like to keep an eye on other things on my desktop) and there are no subtitles which is ridiculous in this day and age.

Overall not that impressed just another run of the mill arcade shooter, I can see this bombing on the PC and I won't lose any sleep over it if it does.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2214d ago
Where's the Mac demo?

...oh, wait...
steve30x  +   2214d ago
@morganfell I didnt say DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS DEMO. My reasoning was perfectly well intended. As for your questions. I have played a good few demos in the past 5 years. Most of those demos were played on the PC and some on my consoles. This demo is the shortest demo I have ever played and it was a waste of a download.

I still say that I wouldnt download this if I were you guys.
TheIneffableBob  +   2214d ago
This game is decent. Sort of.

No, actually, it's bad.
MvmntInGrn  +   2214d ago
I liked it, fast paced but organized (unlike the Bourne game), very short but fun.

Controls felt a little weird though, looks good graphically.

I will probably pick it up on console, not a huge Keyboard and mouse fan.
baraka007  +   2214d ago
That was the shortest demo i've ever played it was like one room and a hallway... Still worth dl but don't expect to play for more than 3 minutes
dommafia  +   2214d ago
This felt more like marketing for the movie (game too i guess) more than anything else. What the hell was that... I was shocked that it was shorter then I could last with my wife :\
y0haN  +   2213d ago
Does it run like ѕhit for anyone else? anywhere between medium and high graphics and 0 to 4 AA. It's not terrible but it's worse than Crysis and this game ain't no Crysis.

E6550+WinXP+2GB PC6400+8800GT 512
dommafia  +   2213d ago
Hmm i have winvista, 4gb, 8800gtx, intel c2d 6600 @ 2.40 ghz and I ran the game with highest gfx settings and 4x AA without a problem.

Your setup should run it just fine, maybe you have (old) drivers that have a conflict with the call of duty 4 engine?
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y0haN  +   2213d ago
I have the latest 178.13s updated in September. CoD4 runs much better maxed out than this thing.

Just for kicks, i disable frame limiting and put all the graphics as low as they go and it's still piss-poor.. :/
TheIneffableBob  +   2213d ago
E6600+Vista64+2GB PC6400+8800GTS 512 here

The game runs fine at max settings. The FOV irks me, though.

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