Retro Review: Parasite Eve II

Jerry from BagoGames says, "Parasite Eve was an amazing first game in the series, number 2 changed some things around. Did that make the game better or worse?"

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2pacalypsenow441d ago

Classic, just replayed this game last week.

naruga441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

same here... i finished 2 times the bounty mode a month ago (trying to survive to that nightmare mde) ....absolute classic (probably the best survival horror ever after RE1 ) - perfect quality .long , addictive and hardcore ...if i was making a game i would put PE2 as the ultimate guide

PoSTedUP440d ago

nice, replayed it a year ago. great frickin survival horror game. might have to give it another go sometime soon.

Bahamut440d ago

It's okay. Nowhere near as good as the first one, but still decent. More like RE.

Platformgamer441d ago

10/10 imho
one of the best games on PS1!
it's also my most runned game (10+ runs)

Shinox440d ago

Can we please give PE series some love and push more articles about it , SE needs to know that we want this series back

CrimsonWing69439d ago

Loved this one a lot. 1 & 2 I feel are amazing games: I just wish this gen would take risks and give us games like this with a next gen shine.