Why The Elder Scrolls Series Has Yet To Top Morrowind

Morrowind truly punished anyone who played it and it was absolutely amazing for it.

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ccgr145d ago

Morrowind is my favorite in the series

Summons75145d ago

That depends on preference. Personally, Oblivion beat out Morrowind though Morrowind still had a bunch of things that I liked more that were missing from Oblivion.

thekhurg145d ago

Oblivion took away too much freedom, Skyrim further removed player freedom.

The series' pinnacle was TES: Morrowind.

144d ago
iDadio145d ago

Morrowind still is my fave of the series, it was brutal at times but it was such a step up from anything I'd played around that time. Oblivion certainly propelled the series forward in terms of popularity by making it a bit more casual and accessible but it just wasn't the same. Fast travel ez mode

PoSTedUP145d ago

i was deff using the cheat codes in morrowind to fast travel ;)

ONESHOTV2145d ago

because of consoles? everything is downgraded when console is included, look at what happens to battlefield everything went to sh--t when they started to make the main BF series on the console that's from BF3 BF4 and BF1 I still enjoy this inferior BF but console need to step it up and the same thing happened to the elder scrolls series but what can we do

JamesBondage145d ago

I played Morrowind on console..

Blastoise145d ago

All of your comment history is about console vs PC. Give it a rest

Last_Boss145d ago

When did you start gaming?!!

ONESHOTV2145d ago

Last_Boss---- many centuries ago does that answer your question

JamesBondage---did you also play any BF that came before 3 on console?

Blastoise--- what? no, it's not

tulholdren145d ago

Still my favorite in the series. It was so much a upgrade from Arena, Daggerfall, or Battlespiral that came before it.

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The story is too old to be commented.