How Marvel vs Capcom Infinite taps into its past to welcome players of the future

From PlayStation Universe: "Delving deep into Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, we take a look at how Capcom's fighting game taps into its past to welcome players of the future."

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FallenAngel198456d ago

MvC:I also disregards many elements of its past

opinionated54d ago

To welcome players of the future. It's a decent game but it goes against many things the marvel games stand for at a fundamental level. You can tell the suits had their hands all over this game. It's more in the movie advertising realm than fandom appreciation (which is the main point of a crossover). I don't know what capcom's excuse is, it's not like they are promoting movies. It just seems like laziness.

FallenAngel198453d ago

That isn't how an installment should be handled. It should always be welcoming to veterans and newcomers.

When you do many things to anger longtime veterans who helped a series become successful in the first place, you get low sales like MvC:I is having in many regions.

Servbot4154d ago

Yeah fans of the past titles don't remember iconic characters like Wolverine, Magento, Storm or Sentinel, but they are definitely glad trash like Firebrand and Spencer are back.