PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets New Trailer Featuring the Fire Troll and His Gruesome Totem Weapon

Sony Interactive Entertainment and SCE Santa Monica Studios present the beautiful art that gave birth to the Fire Troll in God of War for PS4.

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Bga22359d ago

This isn't a trailer. Dualshockers isn't gaming Journalism. They suck dick for clicks.

There, I fixed your title.

lxeasy359d ago

Dualshockers have sucked for a very long time now! Are they getting no visitors on their site?

Bga22359d ago

Dualshockers suck since creation. The fact that they are getting visitors is disturbing if you ask me. It looks like people can't resist clickbait even if they know that the "article" has zero information and value.

TracyMorgan359d ago

Dear God they are becoming Kotaku now. Making two "news stories" from two clips that feature artwork is just amazing. Dualshockers sucks so much.

georgenancy359d ago

Dualshockers clickbaiting as usual

Silly gameAr358d ago

I wonder how the people calling this clickbait react when they see an actual clickbait article.