This is Why Metroid: Samus Returns is on 3DS and Not Nintendo Switch

Game Rant's Riley Little writes, "Game Rant speaks with Metroid: Samus Returns producer Yoshio Sakamoto, learning why Nintendo decided to bring the game to 3DS instead of the company's newer Switch console."

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Antnee534361d ago

Why not make it for both.

EddieNX 361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

This ^

If it works so well for a 3d game like FE warriors then surely it would even better for a 3D sidescroller like this.

All they'd need to do.os give it a simple remaster and hey presto. World class Switch game.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago


I'm more than positive they could just alter it to make it work on the switch and remove the second screen option I mean you would have to consider that Metroid has existed with one screen more than it ever has with two anyway.

I would actually be extremely shocked if this never got ported to the switch.

SuperRaccoon361d ago

That might not even be necessary. The extra buttons and bigger screen would make it easy to keep the game relatively close to the 3DS version.

rulparra360d ago

because nintendo did not want to invest more resources to make it on hd and a high resolution for handheld and dock mode.

DJK1NG_Gaming361d ago

uh because it started development before Switch devs kit even existed.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

That has nothing to do with porting though.

The Last of Us started development before the PlayStation 4 too sooooo yea.

I would be pretty surprised if this was never ported to switch.

DJK1NG_Gaming361d ago

Uh two different system and two different company. Just because Sony does it doesn't mean Nintendo will.
Also what does The Last of Us has to do with Metroid Samus Returns

BVFTW361d ago

I guess because it was an example of a enhanced port between "two different systems" with different architectures? Nintendo also releases remasters, remakes and ports of games from systems on their last legs like those Wii U games on Switch, same as the other "different company".

DJK1NG_Gaming359d ago

Metroid Samus Returns is a FULL Remake not a enhanced port.
A enhanced port would just be the gameboy game higher resolution and updated sprites.

Again. Not similar nor should be compared.

BVFTW359d ago


Edmix said that he will be surprised if this new remake doesn't get ported to the switch in an enhanced form at some point given that the 3ds is at its twilight. This is something that sometimes happens in the game industry and he gave an example with the last of us. He wasn't comparing the games in any way, maybe you misunderstood, like you also misunderstood my comment 'cause I wasn't comparing the games either. I talked about remasters, remakes "and" ports. A game can be remastered (an enhanced version of a game), also it can be remaked from the ground up or a game can also be ported straight away from one platform to another. I said that Nintendo does that with its games as the other companies, like Sony, even though you think they don't.

Nintendo: Mario kart 8 Wii U - Switch, Pokken Wii U - Switch.
Sony: Last of us PS3 - PS4, Gravity Rush Vita - PS4.

So, the practice can be compared, I hope it's clearer for you this time, fellow gamer.

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gangsta_red361d ago

It would be nice to see Metroid get a proper 2D sequel for a Nintendo console and get the same treatment that a Mario or Zelda would have.

I would go out of my way to get a Switch if this were the case.

-Foxtrot361d ago

I don't see why at this point they can't allow 3DS games to be played on the Switch. Maybe when the handhelds sales start to die off and the Switch takes over...who knows.

SurgicalMenace360d ago

Because it's their company and if you support them you'd get a 3DS to play it.

gprime360d ago

How exactly would that work with 3ds games requiring 2 screens?

ShadowWolf712360d ago

The same as android emulators do it?

gprime360d ago

android emulators generally run in portrait mode with one display above the other. the switch was not designed to be used in portrait mode. they can display them side by side in landscape mode, which technically works, but is not ideal as games often rely on the two screens being oriented one on top of the other.

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