Diablo Will Not Have Any Reveals at BlizzCon 2017

Diablo announcements will not be a part of the reveals planned for this year's BlizzCon, though the ARPG will still have a presence at the event.

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Relientk77234d ago

When are we getting Diablo 4

234d ago
Haurus234d ago

Who cares. Blizzard badly botched D3 and still refuse to admit anything is wrong with it, D4 is unlikely to be any better.

thekhurg234d ago

I assume the last time you played diablo 3 was at launch when it was a completely different game than it is now?

Cmv38234d ago

Diablo 3 is great now. D4 will be amazing.

Haurus234d ago


No. Played the entire last season. None of its major issues have been fixed. Game is an insult to the Diablo name.

Pro_TactX233d ago

What exactly are the “major issues” that you think need to be addressed?

Haurus233d ago

Lack of a proper stat system, lack of a proper skill system, lack of trading, lack of open PVP, auto healing orbs, drops being catered & unqiue to each player (destroying rarity), Diablo 3 tried to reinvent the wheel by turning it into a square. They removed basically everything that made Diablo 2 such a well regarded game, and casualized it to draw in the WoW fanbase. It is such a massive step backwards, i question whether any of the current devs at Blizzard have even played Diablo 1 or 2.

2 of my favorite (viable) builds in Diablo 2 were the melee sora, & wolf barb. You cannot do anything like that in Diablo 3. The build system simply doesn't allow for it.

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Segata234d ago

Long time. III took 12 years. So maybe in another 5-7, we will get 4.

Cyro234d ago

Every BlizzCon I hope to see something for Diablo but always nothing.