The Dishonored franchise should enjoy a good long break

There hasn't been a bad Dishonored game yet, but after Death of the Outsider it's a good time for the franchise to take a break.

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PhoenixUp75d ago

Is there going to a new Thief game?

Darkwatchman74d ago

I really have no hopes for a new Thief game unless it's by the current Deus Ex devs. Those guys really knew how to take the traditional Deus Ex and give it a modern makeover without completely butchering the design principles the original game was built on. I doubt the devs that handled the 2013 thief reboot could make a proper thief game

SlapHappyJesus74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Hate to burst your bubble, but the Deus Ex evs ARE the ones responsible for the latest Thief release.

Darkwatchman74d ago


Wow, the disconnect in quality and design between the Deus Ex reboot series and the Thief reboot is so stark that I had no idea the same people could have made that mess

kevnb74d ago

I don’t think it’s been overdone, just doesn’t seem to sell that well.

arkard74d ago

I disagree.its not like these games come out every year

JonnS74d ago

Why its only had 2 games plus an expansion , to early for breaks ..

Vegamyster74d ago

1st one with it's DLC was fantastic, going through the 2nd one now and it's also been pretty good.

Elda74d ago

I enjoyed the first 2 & I just started the expansion & it's fun so far.

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