Oddworld: Soulstorm title sequence revealed and it's suitably bone chilling

Oddworld: Soulstorm, the next game to come from Oddworld Inhabitants, has had its title sequence revealed and it paints a pretty bleak picture.

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AnubisG440d ago

Awesome!!!!! I love Oddworld. I hope we will get Abe's Exodus remade as well.

-Gespenst-440d ago

Soulstorm is a remake / re-imagining of Exoddus.

AnubisG440d ago

hummm.... looks like a new game to me but I'm happy either way.

Soulst0rmer440d ago

Soulstorm is the second true Oddworld game in the Quintology. It is Exoddus in it's heart but so much more. Glad to see Lorne's conference.

babadivad440d ago

We need Stranger's Wrath.

Dirty_Lemons440d ago

I'm certainly curious on just how dark Lorne takes it. Either way, I have faith. Perhaps the Oddworld quintology will be made after all.

TheOttomatic91440d ago

Rad trailer I’ll have to go back and finish New N Tasty

J-DARKnes440d ago

Can't wait to see more of this game, loved what they did with new n tasty.

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