Metroid: Samus Returns Review – A Faithful and Inventive Reimagining | GameCloud

Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "As a dedicated Metroid fan, it makes me so happy to praise this game for what it is. Samus Returns is a faithful reimagining that isn’t afraid to step out of its comfort zone to innovate and try new ideas, and it succeeds all the more because of it. The inclusion of the Melee Counter and Aeion Abilities ensure the experience remains fresh and provides you with the advantage you’ll need to get through this relentlessly hostile planet. Its player progression also keeps you hooked and coming back for more, and it really makes you feel like you’re getting better and stronger alongside Samus. SR388 is simply a joy to explore as you traverse through different environments, each intricately woven, detailed, and equally challenging. It all comes together with an incredible soundtrack that stops at nothing to drop you into this world head first – seriously, use headphones for this one. Samus Returns is the love letter Metroid fans have been waiting for, clearly showing that Nintendo can hear our cries and pleas for more of our favourite bounty hunter. Here’s hoping that Samus Returns is a good omen for what’s to come."

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