Metroid: Prime of the Wild

There is only one franchise that can top what Nintendo achieved with Breath of the Wild, and that is Metroid.

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FallenAngel1984362d ago

Super Mario Odyssey has a better chance at topping The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than Metroid Prime 4

Neonridr361d ago

true. Metroid is fantastic, but it still is a more niche title than Mario or Zelda. Mario has so much broad appeal.

Sono421361d ago

Is this article kidding? Breath of the Wild will be easy to top, it's already beaten by all previous console Zelda's. Sick of everyone over hyping this not so great game, I feel like everyone still hyping it never played more than an hour into the game.

Neonridr361d ago

@Sono421 - I hype it. And I have over 100 hours logged into the game.

beaten by all previous console zelda's how? Rating wise? No, most certainly not. And GOTY awards will prove that this year. Sales wise? Well the Switch was in its infamacy, and many people gave up on their Wii U's before this game released.

Movefasta1993361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

i got over 15 hours and I barely touched the story and I am loving it.n4g hates Zelda,anything that threatens sony in any way is bad for sony fanboys.Zelda and Mario are going to win all the goty awards,not that trash lifeless,can't pick up your arrows after you shoot them, Horizon game.That game will be forgotten by the end of the gen.

darthv72361d ago

Considering that there was no mainline Metroid game at all during the wiiu generation I'd say 4 has a good chance at equaling if not exceeding what BotW has done (considering the switch install base will be larger by the time it releases). Only thing that could top it would be a new FZero game.

No doubt Mario odyssey will do well but Mario has been more consistent than Metroid (and FZero) and people have been patiently waiting for Samus's return (no pun intended).
there have been various handheld iterations but as far as main console releases go...
NES: Metroid
SNES: Super Metroid
N64: Pass
GCN: Metroid Prime 1 & 2
Wii: Metroid Prime 3, Trilogy and other M
WiiU: Pass
Switch: Metroid Prime 4

shauzy361d ago

i'd say that over 50% of the metroid fans like the 2d metroid more than the prime trilogy (other m doesn't exist) so it wouldn't top botw that easily

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kevnb361d ago

i feel like metroid prime 4 could be the mainstream break through for the series.

michellelynn0976361d ago

I think so too. I think Nintendo has some great tricks up their sleeve for this game.

juegosmajicos361d ago

I really think so as well. Unlike the GameCube and the Wii, the Switch is a system that is in the hands of parents, their children, and solvent young adults at the same time. That, along with the recent track record of Nintendo's first-party games, should give Metroid Prime 4 a good chance to be a hit.

People will always bring up that the series has historically not been a mainstream success, but in my opinion we live in a different era today than when the last Prime game released (obviously I don't mention Other M because that game had too many issues that the mainstream couldn't look past). If Mass Effect, Fallout, and Destiny can be mainstream successes, why can't Metroid? But I do think it's important that Nintendo gives up some of the series' conventions to make it fresh in the eyes of its audience once again.

mcstorm361d ago

Kevnb I agree for me metroid could be Nintendo halo. If they can get the money right we could have one hell of a big seller but only time will tell.

DJK1NG_Gaming361d ago

The Switch will have the best game in these franchises.
Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade and Metroid.
I can see Pokemon 8th gen being more of an open world like Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Fire Emblem on Switch will probably have much much larger maps and more units on screen to control and fight at once.
Metroid Prime 4 will basically be a much much larger world to explore
Super Mario Odyssey takes Zelda Breath of the Wild did but expand on 64 and Sunshine.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is taking everything Xenoblade 1 did and improving it with new battle system that is improved.

Metroid Prime 4 will have competition.

Sono421361d ago

Well you were wrong right off the bat. Breath of the wild is the worst in the series, but okay. I do agree with Mario. Not pokemon though, that series has been on the serious decline and I don't think it being on switch will make it any better. Fire Emblem, Xenoblade and Metroid are all possible though.

Adnanilyas21361d ago

Easily the best in the series 170 hours and counting, amazing.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I can't really say it's the worst in the series but I also can't say it's my favorite or the best in the series

there are many series Staples that they removed that I feel negatively affected the game, I personally did not like the walking temples, no hook shot, not being able to roll and completely pointless horses that really don't offer much to the game.

MrMagz361d ago

A few things. First, you cannot say that a person is wrong just for having an opinion that differs from your own, especially if that opinion that is actually shared by many people who have put hundreds of hours into the game. I myself think that Breath of the Wild is the best Zelda game, and arguably the best game I have ever played. Secondly, Pokemon has not been on a decline. If anything it is on an even higher upward swing. Sun and Moon were the fastest selling Pokemon games ever, and beat out ORAS, Black and White (and BW2), and are really close in numbers to X&Y saleswise. Many people say that Sun and Moon breathed new life into the franchise by changing up the formula in small, significant ways that made it a vast improvement to XY in nearly every way. Pretty much the only thing people want them to do now (outside of super drastic changes that wouldn't make them Pokemon games anymore) is make the games look better, which can easily be achieved by the next Pokemon game being on Switch. I'm not saying that Pokemon on Switch will necessarily be the best in the series, but I do not see why it could not easily be at least as good as Sun and Moon as long as they keep the slight improvements and formula changes.

remixx116361d ago

I won't say botw was the best, i enjoyed it and it sucked many hours outta me (weve had this discussion before) but I still feel as tho twighlight princess is a better Zelda game while windwaker is my favorite.

Mario odyssey...lets just say I don't see them screwing this up and if metroid 4 somehow manages to best metroid prime I will lose my mind.

wonderfulmonkeyman361d ago

If Prime 4 took inspiration from BotW and became too open-world, ditching the well-structured linearity of the Prime games, that might turn Prime fans off.

I'd recommend not doing that. For obvious reasons.

remixx116361d ago

Yes I don't agree with making it super open world, prime was known for its puzzle structured style worlds and heavy backtracking and while most games are horrible at this concept the metroid prime series handled it beautifully and should not stray to far from this design.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

Completely agree. I believe they need to fight for the strength of what Metroid is, what they did with the Zelda is good for Zelda, it's not something that could simply be copy and paste to another game as I feel how they did Zelda is even debatable.

I personally did not feel much value in the Overworld and actually would have been completely fine with the world 8 times smaller with more actual content vs a bunch of seeds.

I think a long time ago when I was younger I always wanted this huge open-world Zelda but actuality I didn't really feel it added much to the actual game as there was so much wasted space.

If I got the Dungeons and the equipment in the controls from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time and a open world that was pretty substantial in size I would actually be okay but the size of breath of the wild I did not really feel gave me much.

I don't want metroid's doing anything like that I simply just want something like we got from the previous Metroid Primes. Seeing how they've treated Splatoon 2 I have great confidence that Metroid Prime 4 is going to be very conservative in regards to all the concepts of Metroid as opposed to trying to be something else.

DivineAssault 361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Not enough people play metroid for it to topple zelda.. Metroid is one of my favorite series of all time too.. I wish it could gain the same level of success. Most people would get lost in the first hour or so giving up on it..

Teflon02361d ago

No... Odyssey will be the closest thing until a new Zelda. Prime is good, not Zelda level good.

EddieNX 361d ago

Metroid prime trilogy is totally zelda level. I put them right up there with any Zelda game. Metroid prime 1 is ridiculously amazing.

Teflon02361d ago

Lmao okay, I've played them all, they're decent at most. Metroid as a series gives prime it's good name. Prime is alright, nothing that amazing. Note I've played them all because my bro went through all the games as they released.

EddieNX 361d ago

They all received high 9s and tens across the board. The trilogy is a masterpiece in gaming and up there with practically a year Zelda game.

This is not just me, Metroid prime 1 is widely regarded as one of the best games of all time. Easily in the top 50 , maybe top 20.

_-EDMIX-_361d ago

I don't know if I could agree with all of that

a lot of the structure of Metroid is extremely similar to what you see what Zelda in regards to go into multiple levels dungeons, bosses and equipment along with occasional puzzle solving.

If Metroid has an Overworld similar to what you saw from Metroid Prime I'm completely fine with that because that's sort of unknown thing they do.

Teflon02361d ago

Yo do realize Prime is basically a 3D metroid game. Not really like Zelda. Just sectioned off based on abilities.

_-EDMIX-_360d ago

@Teflon-okay I don't know what being in 3D has to do with the actual core structure of the game because to my understanding Zelda going from top down to 3D still maintain the same type of gameplay structure (dungeon dungeon item item boss boss ) what have you ...

I don't know the relevance of the perspective to what you're trying to say that doesn't have anything to do with the actual core structure of the game....

So Metroid going from 2D to 3D still in compasses all the main structures about the actual Metroid games you land on a planet , you have an Overworld ,you go through a series of levels you beat a boss you get an item you proceed to the next levels repeat.

So you do realize that Metroid is very much like the structure of Zelda regardless if it's 2D or 3D right?

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