Can Player Unknown's Battlegrounds be Game of the Year

Today we're talking about Player Unknown's Battleground. How this game is
shaping the way we play online. Though this game is on the top charts of
Steam, Twitch, and the hype on an Xbox One version on the way. Should it be
in the running for game outlets "Game of the Year"? The game

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kevnb419d ago

Is it your favourite game? If yes then it can be your game of the year!

Cy419d ago

I don't care how good it is, no early access game should be in the running for any kind of official game of the year award.

Usperg419d ago

EA game getting GOTY, are you insane?????

A buggy, cheatfest mess with toxic twitch crybabies !!!!! FUCK IT, why not!!!
The gaming industry is as bad as the real world is right now so anything can happen!!

TGG_overlord419d ago

This is pretty much what I feel as well :P

Yohshida419d ago

Looks like you havent played it yet, try it its fun!

Yohshida419d ago

It will win every honest GOTY. The most played game of the year and all without any marketing.