Top 3 Upcoming PSVR Games

There are some fun looking PSVR games coming soon! VR may still be seen as a gimmick by some, but it's truly immersive and enjoyable. At least most of the games have been so far. And with more coming down the road, it's a good time to look at the top 3 upcoming PSVR games!

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gangsta_red293d ago

A Final Fantasy fishing VR...can't wait!

Apocalypse Shadow293d ago

My 3 would be ace combat 7, raw data and GTS if there's weather in the 1 on 1 races and multiple tracks.

Zeke68293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

My list:
1) Gran Turismo Sport
2) The Inpatient
3) Bravo Team
4) Doom VFR
5) Ace Combat 7

ibrake4naps293d ago

mine: Dreams, Skyrim, Inpatient

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