Suzuki: Shenmue III Might Still Incorporate Shenmue I and II; Game Will Be Simpler To Play

Yu Suzuki revealed that there's a still chance of Shenmue III incorporating Shenmue I and II into a full package.

He also explained that the game's combat system will be simpler than its predecessors, though ultimately he believes the setting is the most important thing.

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ccgr392d ago

Haven't played this series yet

_-EDMIX-_391d ago

It's an amazing series I've played both games, you're definitely in for a treat if Sega remasters shenmue.

Based on the the domain that Segas registered they've been working on this remaster for a while.

KionicWarlord222391d ago

Those facial expressions are definitely simpler.

Aurenar391d ago

He said they're already old though. Maybe there's hope.

Razzer391d ago

The facial expressions have not been put in.

DigitalRaptor390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

No point in explaining this to somebody who's only here to make drive-by troll comments.

Razzer390d ago

Yeah, I know. But not going to just let him get away with either.

WhyHate391d ago

What once was considered an impossible game franchise to make a comeback seem to be making progress, l'm hoping beyond hope this turns out to be a great game along the lines of Shenmue I & II.