Is Star Wars: Battlefront II a "Force" to Be Reckoned With?

Will Star Wars: Battlefront II be the best Star Wars game in existence? It certainly could be the most comprehensive. Time to start your Jedi (or Sith) training!

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spicelicka54d ago

Actually looks awesome. Looking forward to it.

-Foxtrot54d ago

"Star Wars: Battlefront II be the best Star Wars game in existence?"

Pretty sure I saw the same hype for the first one in the reboot...

Ghost_of_Tsushima54d ago

This one has a campaign though which has my interest.

The_Jackel54d ago

Thats all thats got my interest as well and no doubt the mp will be fun to play like the first one.
But i think it possibly took a bit of a hit due to the first one with some to most people having big expectations due to not only the star wars name but the ea-dice name to it as well and just falling short of what people actually wanted.

_-EDMIX-_53d ago

Except most of the features that you believed it lacked it now has in terms of a single player and in terms of free content and more content along with Space battles. .

So you can't just complain about the first Battlefront not having all those features and claiming it's going to be a failure only for all those features to show up in the sequel and then wonder why people are excited

So I don't understand? So you're going to complain about all of those features missing from the first game but you're also still going to complain when they return in the second?

I mean didn't the first Battlefront even with all those missing features go on to move 14 million units? Likely more since we haven't even heard an updated figure.

So even with all of your complaining and all of its missing features it was able to do that so what do you think is going to happen with Battlefront 2 having all the features you complained were missing on top of the free downloadable content?

SolidStateSnake54d ago

"Will Star Wars: Battlefront II be the best Star Wars game in existence?"

I still have to give it to the Jedi Knight series
(dark forces 1&2, outcast and academy), and obviously KotOR.

JonnS54d ago

We Looks great can't wait to play it on the Xbox one X , sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.