The Last of Us: Outbreak Day 2017 – New Poster, PS4 System Theme, and More

Today marks the day the infection in The Last of Us hit critical mass. Kick off this year's Outbreak Day with a new The Last of Us Part II poster, a PS4 theme based on the world reveal trailer, and more.

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Nyxus296d ago

Starting the TLoU II hype for PSX?

Paytaa296d ago

Hard to get excited for a lot games nowadays due to minimal time to play and lack of interest in a lot of new titles, but you bet your ass that I'm riding the TLOU II hype train all the way. The game that introduced me to Playstation and the craftsmanship of Naughty Dog. A title I will not miss out on.

Travis3708296d ago

Can't wait for the Last Of Us 2

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The story is too old to be commented.