Heroes never die, only prevail: Mercy's overhaul

“Playing Mercy takes no skill!” This is a tune all too familiar for Overwatch Mercy players in Quick Play and Competitive alike. Many Mercys were accused of letting teammates die and hiding in the back, waiting for the glorious team rez instead of actively keeping the team alive and fighting.

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Cyro297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

New Mercy is a lot more fun. The hiding play style was boring and if you didn't get the huge rez, you would get flamed. She's still really strong though so I suspect a change in the near future. Abd speaking of change, they need to nerf Junkrat asap.

DJK1NG_Gaming297d ago

definitely before it nothing but hide and hide don't let the enemies see you but now you''re being targeted more often because of her buff.

Teflon02297d ago

Almost anyone could insta kill her before. Was a big issue before. If you're quick and can predict enemy movement you can take out a few ppl if they're not as good. But mercy has no special maneuvers to keep her alive. I always go out and fight but being chased by reaper, tracers etc. Then them running and being able to get away if they're loosing the fight is frustrating. Even worse is Lucio gets all recognition for healing and support play over mercy in the cards but specifically her revives. She's been in a crappie position and gets unnecessary hate