Project Cars 2 Review (TSA)

TSA writes: "Going first is always difficult, but as the first of three major console sim racers coming out in the next month Project Cars 2 had a fantastic opportunity to grab a lot of people’s attention early, and hope that its ambitiously broad and authentic take on the world of motorsport would be enough to hold onto them. It’s a game that sounds fantastic on paper, catering to racing game fans across the spectrum, but it just doesn’t live up to its potential at launch."

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Crazyglues392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

6 is a pretty high rating for this game.. I found it to be complete Trash on console...

A Waste of 60 bucks / and I actually liked the first one, this one is garbage... just too many problems to list here, but do yourself a favor if your on Console and playing with a controller, stay away from this one.. Put that money on GT sport or Assetto Corsa, and you can thank me later..

Bigpappy392d ago

It's an out wire dude. No one is rating the game that low. You may not like the game ad that's fine.

Crazyglues391d ago

@ Bigpappy

I think the difference is I actually played the game... so people who didn't play it can watch youtube and say it's good, but I actually bought it...

So with that said, I played on PS4 pro and I am not the only one, you can go to the actual forums of the game developer -- http://forum.projectcarsgam...

And actually read the comments.. from people who actually bought the game. Not someone who got a review copy and decided to try to be nice, so they can get review copies in the future...

Bigpappy391d ago

Its okay. You may be correct. I just wanted to make you aware that the ratings are actual much higher than 6/10 and that the comments are mostly positive from the so call "Press"

stefan_771391d ago

What I don't like about this game is the lack of challenge. I ramp up the difficulty all the time and it's still too easy