Halo 5 Xbox One X Update Detailed by 343’s O’Connor; Higher Res Textures But Likely Limited HDR

343 Industries’ Halo franchise development director, Frank ‘Franky’ O’Connor, has provided some additional details about the upcoming Halo 5 Xbox One X update.

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TankCrossing418d ago

Nice that they're doing it properly with upgrades to the textures and assets, rather than just changing the rendering res and calling it a day.

And he's right about the OLEDs. They're just marvelous, even with ye olde standard range content.

4Sh0w418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Hmmm, so they are not just upping the res but also adding 4K textures and some limited HDR....Halo5 already looked great, definitely cant wait to give it another run through in 4K. X is really turning out to be a huge plus for what it adds to new and old games.

TankCrossing418d ago

Halo 5 looked awful in places Imo, but not because the art. There is a beautiful game waiting to burst out with proper res, AA, and texture filtering. I'm quite looking forward to revisiting it to see it how 343 envisioned it.

Eyesoftheraven418d ago

I got a 65" LG C7 OLED a couple of months ago. Unparalleled SDR performance with PC 4k gaming at 60Hz or 1080p 120Hz. They really are awesome. My biggest gripe is wishing HDR was more mature and instead of a peak 650 nits or so OLEDs could do at least 2,000 nits. Ha. HDR is insanity.

OmnislashVer36418d ago

Hmm, preference difference here. I don't like the screen to be that bright. I'd rather it be 650 nits and use lighting control in the house instead. Samsung advertises their 2,000 nits tvs for viewing in ultra bright rooms and that doesn't interest me in the slightest.

timotim417d ago

Nice! I'm going with a 55" B7, heard they are the same except for the audio capabilities. I never use a TV for audio anyway haha. I'm really looking forward to this TV though, it's going to be so awesome.

Eyesoftheraven417d ago


There is a big misconception concerning HDR high brightness displays and why it is objectively important.

HDR display high brighness/luminosity or light output (nits) is not about overall constant brightness. It is about being able to display higher potential brightness in scenes where it makes sense as well as actually resolve fine detail in those bright areas. For example, at night time, car headlights and tailights. Or street lamps. Or flashlights. Or gun muzzle flares. Explosions. Or lightning. or sun reflections on cars and metal. Or a few bright lights in a dim restaurant. Or very sunny scenes.

1 nit is equal to about the light output of one flame candle. 30,000 nits is about the amount of ambient light from an average clear sunny day.

SDR content maxes out at 100 nits and 1million colors. Even if the camera was capable of exposing a higher range.

HDR content can potentially reach 10,000 nits and beyond plus 1 billion colors in order to capture/show more of reality.

Also, just because a game or movie is HDR doesn’t mean it is mastered to be bright at any point. There are HDR movies like Arrival which on average remain below 100 nits. While others are mastered with 4;000 nits in mind.

Eyesoftheraven417d ago (Edited 417d ago )


You’ll love it, I’m sure. The only reason I can see anyone being disappointed is because they can’t comfortably finance or afford it (like me lol).

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KionicWarlord222418d ago

4K and 4K assets for Halo 5.

The gauntlet overflows like rivers down a stream here at Xbox.

Its like a damn 4K trade fare on the beast.

Bring on DA X!.

G20WLY418d ago

"The gauntlet overflows like rivers down a stream".. 🤔

Anyone??! 😕

4Sh0w418d ago

lol, I love Kionic's post....just got to make sure I'm not drinking coffee when I read 'em.

TankCrossing418d ago

Xbox blowing his mind like a boiling ocean in a lake. Sense not required.

iDadio418d ago

Substance abuse would explain a lot of his posts

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KionicWarlord222418d ago

You would know a lot about substance abuse..Sterling Archer.

A kilos nothing to ya.

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bunt-custardly418d ago

The gauntlet overflows like an abundance of mushrooms in my tea here at SmeXbox.

conanlifts418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Interesting comment as usual.

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EddieNX 418d ago

Halo 5 is still very good looking and I can't imagine how good it looks in 4K! But can we have Halo 6 please? I've put hundreds and hundreds of hours into Halo 5s multiplayer and I just can't play it anymore. It's perfect but I'm done with it

timotim418d ago

I want them to take as much time as they need to make the game a GOTY contender in all facets, especially SP. I want it to be CB 4K60FPS, beautiful HDR, 4-way co-op, open sanbox level BEAST! I don't care if it takes another two long as its great.

Vasto418d ago

I am sure Halo 6 will be announced in 2018.

Megaplaynate418d ago

They should have used the extra power to add a coop mode.

timotim418d ago

You do understand that the same copy of Halo 5 that millions own today and play on there Xbox Ones is the same Halo 5 that will get patched for X right. X doesn't have its own versions, it's just ONE game that gets shared. Because of this, it would be hard to makes huge changes like that...anything you do to the game has to be playable from ALL Xbox consoles the game plays on.

Megaplaynate418d ago

It's not a new game, it's just new mode, a new way to play, made possible thanks to the added power.

kevnb418d ago

I dont think they want to make the majority of their user base upset.

XiNatsuDragnel418d ago

Nice, but X is comprising but who's care it at its keeping to claim.

2cents418d ago

The bot is breaking down.
Ctrl / Alt, Del.

4Sh0w418d ago

XiNatsuDragnel, is at again with that gibberish.

TankCrossing418d ago

And that's in a written comment, with ample opportunity to proof read and edit. Imagine what he's like to talk to in real life.

iDadio418d ago

I assume you study the saliva on the floor around him for some form of patterns, like hieroglyphics but nonsensical and not as cool

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Vasto418d ago

Cant wait to see Microsoft show it off.

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