Final Fantasy IX PS4 port Impressions

RPGsite: "Ever since Final Fantasy VII was re-released on the PS4, fans have been clamoring for more entries from the PS1 era to make their way to Sony’s current system. Thankfully those prayers have been answered, as Final Fantasy IX has been ported to the PS4 this week.

A lot of people are wondering how the port is, as is the case with most conversions of older titles to newer hardware. Thankfully for the most part Final Fantasy IX on PS4 is a fantastic conversion, but not without a few small faults. We’re here to give you the skinny on this re-release of the classic JRPG."

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PhoenixUp359d ago

It's the best Final Fantasy game on PS4 😂

Snookies12359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Hey, FFX is available on PS4 as well! Though, in all honesty I think FFIX does rate a little bit higher on my list of favorite Final Fantasy titles. Regardless, love 'em both so much. Now we just need FFVIII's Steam release and things will be perfect.

pietro1212359d ago

That is true.
FFIX, FFXII, FFXIV, FFVII, FFX, FFXV, FFX-2 and World of Final Fantasy.

358d ago
Hylian10359d ago

I still put VI & IV over it, but IX is probably my third favorite.

Fantastic game.

Sirk7x358d ago

To be fair, it's arguably the best Final Fantasy, period.

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FallenAngel1984359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

PS4 is the ultimate Final Fantasy dedicated device. Right now you can play

Final Fantasy VII HD
Final Fantasy IX HD
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
World of Final Fantasy

As well as the entirety of its spinoff series Kingdom Hearts.

killatia359d ago

I do love Final Fantasy IX but I do not think I can justified getting the ps4 version when I find the ps3 port pretty good.

Master of Unlocking358d ago

Believe me, I played FFVII in japanese on my modded european PSOne in 1997 when it got released, I played the Pal version again some 10 years later, and I played it again 10 years later, that is, today in 2017, and I can't stress enough what an absolute relief and joy it is to finally be able to control your character with the analog stick, and to increase the game speed 3x. Oh, and the option to turn off the sometimes pesky battles is welcome too. You can of course add to that the trophies (not sure if there were any in the digital re-release on the PS3) and the PS4-related features like screenshots, broadcasting your game, far greater amount of save slots, share play, and a very nice free theme to boot.

JokerBoy422359d ago

I too was bummed about the pre-rendered backgrounds, but now they have more of a watercolour look to them which i find kinda nice. My gripe is with the "Battle Assistance" option giving you full Trance all the time. Having to watch the Trance animations of the beginning of every battle for every character is a pain. It would have been nice if the three cheats under the options menu didnt deactivate Trophies too.

Hylian10359d ago

This is a great port, Probably the third best FF.

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