Sea of Thieves Gunplay Has Been Balanced for Crossplay, According To Rare

Rare revealed that gunplay in Sea of Thieves has been tuned and balanced for crossplay between different devices (controller and keyboard & mouse).

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Imp0ssibl356d ago

I hope that doesn't mean dumbed down for consoles as usual...

KaiPow56d ago

I think it makes sense for a game with blunderbusses and cannons. Just point in the enemy's general direction and hope for the best.

darthv7256d ago

I'm hoping for cannon battles like something out of the PotC movies. Lots of explosions and debris flying about.

FITgamer55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Correct. The combat isn't that deep. It's an FPS, but not like in fast twitch shooter sense. The crew I play with is mostly on Xbox One except myself and one other. Haven't noticed any clear advantages either way.

Eiyuuou55d ago


That sounds like a blast!


Get it..?

Haurus55d ago

More like dumbed down for PC. Controllers usually do not stand a chance vs KB+M in crossplay.

cellfluid55d ago

Bs I downloaded the overwatch free to play last weekend on Pc which was the 1st time I played it on pc and download a controller support app. I was bussing ASS against the keyboard and mouse clickers.. Lolol gold medals across the board!!

Usperg55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Rare said over all there is a 3-4% difference between controller and K+M and when cross play actually started without notification from RARE, the players didn't even know pc players were playing against Xbox players and vice versa!!!!

Nobody at all picked up on it after hours of play together!!!

Jackhass56d ago

Hopefully this game gets a good playerbase, because it'll die pretty quick without it.

WePlayDirty55d ago

I see it being ‘dead’ within 6 months.

ccgr56d ago

That's good to hear, PC users usually have the advantage