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Hidden Dragon Legend starts off as a promising side-scrolling hack and slash and quickly devolves into a repetitive combat and inconsistent platforming mess. The game also suffers from a lack of polish especially for the story cutscenes where the visuals are widely inconsistent with stiff animations.

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Rangerman1208357d ago

MegaFun Games? More like, MegaNotFun Games. Get it?

Well, anyways, I knew the trailer looked too good to be true. I remember seeing a few people being intrested on the game, but when it was released, I didn't see a lot of people getting excited for it. I won't be surprised if there's like, 5 people defending this game, only for it to later fall into obscurity, just like what happened with most mediocre games released this year like Valkyria Revolution, Divide, and Dark Rose Valkyrie.