Dark Horse Reveals Their New York Comic Con Exclusives

Dark Horse has revealed their exclusives for New York Comic Con  and it contains items from the Halo, Mass Effect, and Witcher franchises.

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Godmars29053d ago (Edited 53d ago )

What am I looking at and how is it video game related?

How did this literal one sentence "article" get approved is what I'm asking.

AnubisG53d ago

It's just some video game memorabilia that Dark Horse will show off/sell at NYCC.
Could be interesting to people who like this kind of stuff.

Garethvk53d ago

Like their Guidebooks and art collections, they are popular props for gamers.

AnubisG53d ago

I know they are popular. I have a few figures myself like two figures of the original Lara Croft for example and Nathan Drake, Nariko....etc.

Garethvk53d ago

Dark Horse and NYCC are both approved categories. Then you have iterms from three main franchises so three game franchises and related images.