Sea of Thieves is an Online Multiplayer for Everybody

Kim at GameSpew: "I hate playing online multiplayer games; I much prefer the solace of a single-player adventure. That’s why, when Sea of Thieves was first announced over a year ago, I had next to no interest in it. [...]

But at a recent Xbox event, I got to sit down and have some serious hands-on time with the game, and that interest meter has drastically piqued once again. Sea of Thieves is incredibly good fun. Enough to make me ditch my anti-social ways and jump into a game with other people. Shock, horror."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima60d ago

“Sea of Thieves is an Online Multiplayer for Everybody”

Unless you want a great single player experience.

darthv7260d ago (Edited 60d ago )

This is why I embrace both XB and PS. XB for multiplayer fun and PS for that "personal satisfaction" (get it... PS...)

okay, i will see myself out now ;)

InTheLab60d ago

That was me last gen. This gen, it's PS for multiplayer and PS for single player and XB for like... I guess Forza and to give my PS a break.

Godmars29060d ago

...If you want to pay for two $400+ systems, which then require subscription fees besides.

VideoGameLab60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


Just curious, what does ps offer in terms of MP I cant get on xbox?

Goldby60d ago


Last of us,
star trek Bridge crew
Uncharted 4
just to name a few

darthv7260d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@god, yeah it may not be for everybody but i was smart with my $$. The PS4 and XBO combined was not even $300 and I am already a gold member for years so my sub just extends to the xbo. I am not a + member anymore but that could all change once GTS releases.

WickedLester60d ago

You sir are an enlightened gamer! ;-)

Eonjay60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

And by Everyone we mean no one.
Edit: Seriously, A lot of us have decent PCs so its not about Xbox... Its about making this game look good. So, there are fun looking parts but I just can't see myself doing an online Pirate game. They need to sell it to me first and they haven't been effective.

InTheLab60d ago


Nothing at all if you don't own a PS. Literally nothing of you do. But there's this idea that XBL is better than psn when they are the same thing and have been since 2013.

So I just laugh when people pretend like there's this huge difference when I reality, most mp games are identical. Particularly last gen while PSN was running MAG with 260+ players in one map and Resistance with 60 players on one map back in 2008/09

And if course there the games. 3 retail exclusives for Xbox this year makes it a pointless console unless you go out of your way to buy games for it

submarinna60d ago

Shut the door behind you please. ;)

andrewsquall60d ago

Don't forget Planetside 2, although if it isn't on Xbox by now then I guess its the service holding back the game ever coming to it at this stage since Xbox Live probably can't do 1000 player games, much like it couldn't do 60 player games last gen.

60d ago
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343_Guilty_Spark60d ago

Get a Playstation and shutup then that’s what you do.

You know where to go if Xbox doesn’t satisfy you.

Eonjay60d ago

Not so fast... as I said above, Even us PlayStation guys with PCs can still play it so can we stop the console fight for a second and talk about this game? For me, I would get it but the videos they have shown have not looked that interesting.

343_Guilty_Spark60d ago

Not so fast nobody gives a crap about what you Game on.

jznrpg60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

PC ,PS4 , Switch , Vita 3ds for meeeeee. I have owned almodt every single console ever made, 3D0 , Coleco Vision all sorts and Xbox1 os the first console that I really had no interest in. Since all of the games can be played on PC make it worse but it doesnt really matter when I only bought Ori and the Blind forest becausr that is all that appealed to mr so far. I will prpbably try Quantum Break for the hell of it someday but it didn't look very good either. 2 games in 4 years is pretty sad

aconnellan60d ago

Not every game needs single player, in the same vein as not every single player game needs multiplayer.

If their vision is for a shared world multiplayer experience, then forcing them to tack on a single player to try and cash in on that market would devalue the whole experience, and wouldn't be worth the effort (see For Honor for a single player example; and Spec Ops: The Line for a multiplayer example. Both were sub-par because they weren't part of the original vision)

I don't see the issue in having multiplayer-only games - single player games are great, and if you want a single player experience, then obviously the multiplayer-only game won't be for you, and that's totally fine.

But that doesn't make it a worse game, or not worth playing

Edito59d ago

I don't see problem with that until the page 10, after that you will have to deal with micro transaction, endless expansions, stupid ways to get more money for less...

But i do agree with you but what i want is a full game if you want to make a MP only game make it whole don't sell me 40% of the game and 20% every 4 months imagine an episodic Horizon Zero Dawn or The Witcher 3, when you play those games you feel that they are complete and expansions are completely optional.

That's why i will never ever buy a MP only game i prefer to buy a 100USD MP only game and not have to buy expansions all the time...

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submarinna60d ago

SoT doesn't look like a game for me. I love my quality single player games thank you very much.

343_Guilty_Spark60d ago

Then play them and stop trolling.

Duke1959d ago

Seriously. "I only enjoy SP games so Im not getting this one!" /Posted on a MP game article


Cobra95159d ago

It's a Sea of Thieves article, a game which isn't out, and which many of us were hoping would have a good offline SP component.

Black0ut60d ago

Ok cool so now you can move on and play said SP games I guess?

Very odd seeing the comments littered with totally off topic opinions...

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chaos-emeralds60d ago

sorry, just no. I don't want it. But apparently Rare have stated I don't want a new conker or banjo game. I'm sure a lot of people will like this though.

60d ago
ElementX60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

People complain that MS only releases Forza, Halo, and Gears but when they work on something new, people say it's not for them or they want single player games.

Lighter960d ago

Rate is making SoT, not MS.

chuckyj160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Rate is making SoT? You mean Rare? Yes, but they are a first party developer under the (Microsoft game divisions)... So yes, it would be a Microsoft developed game, because MS is footing the bill for their own studio they own 100% to make the game.

jagermaster61960d ago

Microsoft owns Rare so what are you trying to say?

Lighter960d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I hate word predictions. I also hate that I can't edit my post. I meant Rare obviously. It still says Rare is the developer. Microsoft just owns them.

There's no reasoning with you people. You all also claim that getting old bc games is better than getting new games.

Makes as much sense as a football bat.

Theknightofnights60d ago (Edited 60d ago )


I guess Sony doesn't do anything with Uncharted, Infamous, Killzone, or Horizon then because Sony "just owns" the companies that do, at least according to your logic. There is no reasoning with these guys because your post didn't contain reason.

Kingthrash36060d ago

Rare left long ago....that's just the name ms owns. The devs left when MS cancelled 3 games behind closed doors and told them to make kinect games.

Goldby60d ago

Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. Does that not mean sony developed Last of us and uncharted.

Here's a tip. Yes it does.
Sea of theives is developed by MS as MS owns Rare

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Brazz60d ago

It's not just about "something new", it's more about "something new that picks my interest and looks fun"... i don't like SoT, to me the game looks boring considering what i saw, the gameplay is bad, mechanics are lackluster, and the game is repetitive as \□●■■♤>.
This game is about preferences. Do you like what you see in SoT? Yes? Good for you, have fun.

VenomSnakeRisingX60d ago

Exactly. Who is buying games just because they are new? No Man Sky was new and I felt that game sucked. New doesn't = good. Not always.

-Foxtrot60d ago

I think it's mostly because a lot of people see Rare as a single player company...and if they weren't going to get something new at least you'd have a real Banjo Threeie game, Perfect Dark or Conker sequel to get excited about.

If there was a company Microsoft has to make something single player focused it would be Rare.

Jinger60d ago

Nothing wrong with trying something new though... Look at Horizon

VenomSnakeRisingX60d ago

" at least you'd have a real Banjo Threeie game, Perfect Dark or Conker sequel to get excited about."

Why would old Rare fans get excited for that when that original team is basically gone? That ship has sailed long ago and I don't think enough trust this team to actually care about a new game out of any of those IP unless they get amazing previews and demos to prove they are legit, even then I don't think they can gain back those older fans.

@Jinger- Horizon is amazing not simply cause its new (not saying you are saying that either, just generally saying) its great because the team actually did a good job. So Rare can make as much new stuff as they want, but if its not fun and the team is sub pair, you will keep seeing low sales and low excitement.

Cobra95159d ago

Jinger, what about Forza Horizon? (I assume you meant FH.) Those games are playable offline, by a single player, and are quite enjoyable in that mode.

VenomSnakeRisingX60d ago

Well that is because people still buy games based on being good. Just because it isn't Halo, Forza or Gears doesn't mean its good. Even "single player games" is vague and too much of a generalization. They probably mean good ones that they would buy.

Theknightofnights60d ago

How do we know that this game isn't good though?

VenomSnakeRisingX60d ago

@TheKnightofnights- who is saying its not good? My point is bad games in general, I'm not saying this game is bad at all.

I'm just saying that people don't buy games solely because they are new IP, they buy if they feel its fun or they play a demo and like it etc. Nothing about this game personally. "but when they work on something new, people say it's not for them or they want single player games" So "good" is subjective and I'm not saying the game isn't, simply that if it isn't fun looking to someone, it being new will never matter. For all we know this game is really fun and knocks it out of the park with a home run. My comment in no way shape or form is saying I feel this game isn't fun, simply that generally speaking, a game isn't going to get a sale by someone that thinks its bad, regardless if its new.

Cobra95159d ago

No, "offline single-player games" and "multiplayer games" are not generalizations--like "personal car" and "the bus" are not generalizations about transportation. They are specific category definitions. Nothing vague about them at all.

VenomSnakeRisingX59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

@Cobra- What are talking about? I'm saying vague as in saying "single player" doesn't give enough info on quality. I'm not saying the word Single player games is vague as in without any context. Did you read or even understand what was being said?

"single player games" in terms of QUALITY is too vague as a single player game can be good or bad, but the term "single player games" doesn't mean 1 thing, it means too many to really suggest "single player" automatically means good or bad.

Read what is being posted. You are reading out of context. "They are specific category definitions" Yes, they are, where did you read me say they are not? Did you honestly not understand that it was in regards to quality? You can't tell if something is good or bad based information of it being a single player or multiplayer game, that isn't enough information to any real judgement on a game. Shocked that many of you didn't even read long enough (or didn't understand what was being stated) You basically ignored the context which vague was being used....

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Ghost_of_Tsushima60d ago

“People complain that MS only releases Forza, Halo, and Gears but when they work on something new, people say it's not for them or they want single player games.”

Xbox hasn’t had a major AAA hit since Halo and Gears of War. They need to embrace single player games and not just MP and GaaS.

ThinkThink60d ago

I'm fine with Sony focusing on single player games and Microsoft focusing more on games as a services like Sea of thieves, pubg, minecraft. I think it's healthy to have that diversity. Luckily, there are lot of really solid single player experiences from 3rd party.

OMGitzThatGuy60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

They mean they want Sony games, but from MS.

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psyxon60d ago

Just that ignorant, immature gamer bias. It's surpassed fanboyism now. It's pure delusional hatred now.

Cobra95159d ago

People also complain that MS is only focusing on MP "social" games lately. That criticism is very much at home in this thread.

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