“Suicide Simulator” Appears on Steam, Proving Valve Really Doesn’t Give a Shit

At one point in time, Steam seemed like the saviour of PC gaming. Now it just seems like a cesspit.

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Tankbusta40359d ago

Punch Trump is on Android and Iphone, who cares?

SilverDemon359d ago

Please don't compare pc/consoles to mobile phones. Those are shovelware, accepting pc/console to be put at the same par as phones will fill them with shovelware too

SilverDemon358d ago

If the shoe is microtransactions And it fits 60$ AAA game. Should we be ok to wear it? Or should we fight it back?

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guyman359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Tell me what's worse: a game about punching donald trump? or a game about suicide?

Berenwulf359d ago

Well first of all Trump deserves it... And if he can say terrible things in the public then people can make stupid games about him, too...

This is something else, if you would have lost somebody because that person committed suicide you wouldn't like the idea of people streaming the funniest ways how to kill yourself on twitch... It's absolutely tasteless.

Neonridr358d ago

well the game looks like complete rubbish. So I can't even imagine associating the word "funny" with this pile of crap.

OoglyBoogly359d ago

I never understand this train of thought. Suicide game? Horrible. Game where you kill endless innocent people? GTA.

Someone has to cry about something. Nothing to see here, move along. Thanks Steam for not putting your own agenda's on other people's creations should be more like it.

Tiqila359d ago

What innocent people? Do you think NPCs have a conciousness?

TankCrossing359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Right, but no real people die in "suicide simulator" either.

What makes one worse than the other is that suicide simulator appears (on the surface at least) to target a very vulnerable group deliberately and exclusively, whereas GTA doesn't.

AuToFiRE359d ago

Can you prove they don't? :P How do you know you aren't an NPC inside a video game right now?

Tiqila359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

I certainly can't prove that. ;)

You cannot even prove that humans have a conciousness. Is there a reason to believe that NPCs are concious beings? Even assuming that such is possible (maybe we all live in the matrix), I doubt current games are sophisticated enough to achieve something as complex as conciousness. At least there is no evidence in support of the opposing view, of which I am aware.

Prince_TFK358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

You don't need "Suicide Simulator" to kill yourself in game. Case in point, the GTA series. You can kill yourself by jumping into incoming cars/train, jumping off a building/bridge/helicopter/pla ne, arming yourself with bomb and detonate, annoying Trevor...

What I'm trying to say is, people nowadays is so sensitive. You can kill yourself in literally nearly all kind of games if you want to. The keyword here is "game," i.e. not reality.

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SickSinceSix359d ago

Thanks for bringing this and ISIS simulator to light. I'd never heard of either of these games but they sound like a laugh, I'm going to look up some gameplay right now. : )

G3ng4r358d ago

This would have been a great xbox one exclusive but microsoft missed the boat again.

SickSinceSix358d ago

I looked it up and the game looked garbage, you could die walking down one step, ISIS simulator might not be worth checking out either but they are interesting game concepts that could be done well.

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