Monster Hunter World Looks Awesome in 20 Minutes of PS4 Co-Op Gameplay

Watch four players tackle a quest in Monster Hunter World on PS4, with all of their points of view on screen at the same time,

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corroios207d ago

This is gonna be so big!!!! Co.op my favorito multiplayer mode!!!

Mister_G206d ago

Is this anything like the Souls games? I'm looking for something similar to play. Thanks

Fishy Fingers206d ago

There is a 20 minute video right there. See for yourself.

bluefox755206d ago

This game looks so freaking cool. I've never played a MH game, but I'm really excited about this.

emty206d ago

IMO this game looks horrendous. The environments are bland, uninspired and washed out.

Happy for those excited for this game...not for me.