Should Designers Like CliffyB Be Trusted?

People get all excited when a game has a major developer like Randy Pitchford, David Jaffe, or Cliff Bleszinski attached to it. But history has shown that big names can't be trusted.

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Bimkoblerutso446d ago

I don't know why you're getting down voted. Never trust anyone trying to sell you something. That's a lesson that everyone on the planet earth should take to heart.

...also, if someone is being nice to you, they're probably trying to sell you something....

...I am getting so old...

447d ago
bigmalky447d ago

Depends... Although I can say Sid Meier has dropped in my estimation since agreeing to chop every Civ game up up, selling us the same mechanics and race packs cut as DLC for three games now, pretty much like The Sims.

Total Warhammer is also a rich man's joke.

Barebones AAA games, to be cut into chunks and sold at a later date. We'll soon be paying £50 for a title screen and the rest will be DLC and microtransactions... These 'names' have paved the way.

VideoGamesAreDumb447d ago

The problem with Lawbreakers is no one is playing it. Outside of that, it's a good sometimes great shooter. I really enjoyed myself.

Not to answer a question with a question but I don't see how or why games should judged by their creators personalities. I'm not sure I'd like to hang out with Cliff but he makes good games and he seems like a normal rich dude. If I found one of his views or action reprehensible, sure I might avoid his games. But he's just nerd with money. Hows that untrustworthy?

Godmars290446d ago

Its that he's a "normal" rich dude, talking down competition while copying it, that's a good part of the issue.

VideoGamesAreDumb446d ago

Well he's a part of online multiplayer shooters since the late 90's. Lawbreakers feels just like that so I don't see what he copied. As for him talking down, I dont see how that matters in terms of trust. He delivered on everything he promised. That's really all that matters as far as trust goes.

Tross447d ago

Well, the guy used to talk a lot and offer way more armchair conjecture than we asked for, to the point where it got on my nerves, but that was when he was tight with Xbox, who are known for that to this day. I haven't heard him gab much lately so c'est la vie. He does seem to take more random man child pics than actual game development, but when he does make games I'd rather judge them on their merits than the man behind them. I haven't played Lawbreakers yet, so I won't comment on that.

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