Is the Console War Finally Coming to an End?

It's time to find a new hobby! Perhaps people should be playing games instead of arguing about them.

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JaguarEvolved57d ago

There isn't a war but we all know that it's not even a competition because the ps4 trounced the Xbox one years ago and its continuously outselling the Xbox on a monthly basis. I'm just wait for a new generation to see massive improvements in game tech

Army_of_Darkness57d ago

Console war coming to an end?? WTF?! this guy been under a rock? it's now gonna be xboneX vs the ps4pro from here on out till next gen starts! ... But like Jaguar said, the ps4 will remain dominant and I don't think the oneX is gonna even put a scratch on Sony's momentum, sorry.

Erik735757d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Switch says hi.

JackBNimble56d ago

Switch says hi ?

Lol ... Good one

2pacalypsenow57d ago

Most people can do both. That's like saying why do people argue about sport rivalries and which team is better instead of just watching the games?

Woolly_57d ago

The 'console war' is artificial. At least with sports teams, there's a trophy to be won. . and prizes rewarded to the participants.

When the wii outsold everyone last gen. . nothing changed.

We still got a new iterations of consoles from the big three.

LabRat57d ago

The same could be said about sports. When the golden State warriors outplayed everyone last season, we still have another NBA season this year

Woolly_57d ago


True, but do any of the companies get recognized for being market leader . . any trophies, rewards or prizes?

57d ago
PhoenixUp57d ago

Console war...console war never changes. Or does it? The console war has changed...did it? The answer is no! Unless it is yes! No, of course it is! Is console war! Yes! No! Yes?

FinalFantasyFanatic56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I feel like we should do a MGS reference here "Console War has changed"... It never really changes, things just get different.

Malice-Flare57d ago

the console war will become obsolete when there is only one platform for gaming. that's a long, long way from now...

Darkstryder36057d ago

As a primary Xbox player I can easily say Sony has won this generation. Have both so can enjoy everything though.

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The story is too old to be commented.