The Switch's Success Can't Kill Mobile Games

Twinfinite writes "Incredibly, in the face of being swallowed by the mobile phone industry, Nintendo gambled that portability would prove a trump card and an appealing point of difference, and so far that’s proving correct. The big question now is whether the success of Switch throws into question the viability of portable gaming once again."

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Erik7357267d ago

Hence why you see Nintendo forming a mobile division, different market.

Eonjay267d ago

And hence why you have never seen anyone say such a thing about Switch killing mobile games. Sometimes, these articles respond to things that doesn't exist, have never been uttered, or aren't even real.

Yukes267d ago

Still very different markets, despite the Switch's portability. Mobile gaming is all about quick fixes on a device you WILL have on your person at all times, anyway. So it's super convenient. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by the Switch's reception. Soon I may be able to justify getting as a second console :)

zcmilano267d ago

Different markets, for sure, but smartphone gaming killed handheld gaming, right? One replaced the other. So it's still a valid question to ask whether there is room for handheld gaming to make a comeback when smartphones were supposed to have made that impossible.

Shiken267d ago

3DS was plenty successful, smartphones did not kill handheld gaming. Dented it sure, but many people still and always will want something more than mobile can offer on the go.

So yes, there is certainly room for a handheld market when executed properly.

The 10th Rider267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

I'm with Shiken on this one.

I think handheld gaming and mobile gaming are each their own markets. Basically the way it used to be, in order to play games on the go you needed a handheld console. When smartphones become the norm and games got put onto smartphones that was no longer the case. Even though they're two separate markets, Smartphones ended the Monopoly handheld devices had on portable gaming by making it so you don't have to own a handheld to play games on the go.

267d ago
madhouse02267d ago

Agreed. 3DS has been on the decline everywhere but the west. Just look at this, and this was back in 2012:

3DS might be doing ok in Japan, but so is the Vita lol. Smartphones did destroy handheld gaming so I'm personally stoked to see it making a bit of a comeback on Switch.

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FTLmaster267d ago

I do love my Switch, but I do wish Sony would pluck up the courage to make a new handheld. I think that ship has sailed though...

The 10th Rider267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yeah, they'd be facing an uphill battle. They've essentially been absent from the portable market anywhere outside of Japan for about 3-4 years. On top of that they already have the PS4 and PSVR they have to support. With how long AAA development takes these days I'm sure they're also already looking ahead to the PS5. I'd honestly be pretty shocked if they announced another handheld anytime soon.

FernDiggidy266d ago

I would give my left nut to be able to play Horizon, or Nier, or Nioh, or Bloodborne, or any PS4 exclusive on the go man.

EddieNX 267d ago

Mobile gaming can't kill dedicated portable gaming like the Switch you mean.

I don't play any mobile games because they're trash. It's nice to see some of them get a second chance on Switch with upgrades and proper controls like Implosion: never lose hope, Gear club, Ocean horn etc

PlayableGamez-267d ago

Mobile gaming has hurt Nintendos portable gaming market.
The 3DS was successful, but it fell short in sales compared to previous handheld consoles because of Mobile Gaming.

267d ago
EddieNX 267d ago

The 3ds was controversial with its 3d and still did well. I think the Switch is going to destroy it sales wise.

kevnb267d ago

The 3ds will match or surpass the gameboy advance, it simply can’t beat the ds though. Just some perspective.

wonderfulmonkeyman267d ago

LOL no. If anything, it's given Nintendo a way to appeal to that market through the Switch while also captivating the core gamers with more traditional games.
Nintendo hasn't been harmed by it as much as some people want you to think.

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FloydianAndroid267d ago

I don't know any hardcore gamers that game on mobile personally. I think mobile games are for casual fans addicted to phones. The switch plays actual games not cash grabbing mobile games based on generic licensed titles.

-Thanos267d ago

I game a lot on my phone but with emulators. NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GB, GBA, DS, etc.

FloydianAndroid267d ago

Yeah I can understand that I just meant games that are made strictly for mobile that are basically pay to win.

ImGumbyDammit267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

The point is casual gamers. Will that large cache of casual gamers to stay away from the Switch in large numbers when the tally is calculated at the end of the Switches lifetime. The same reason desktops took a hit early first part of this decade is the same reason many people who would have bought a Switch will stay away. They have phone they have will do what they want for casual gaming. At one time, many of those phone users would have been an easy sell for a Switch type of mobile gaming device. Today those very same people live on their phones. They may like Mario but, not having that game on their phone will not make them want a Switch. Nothing wrong with the Switch as a device but, those tablets and phones cover the basis as a baby sitter for children and game companion for many casual gaming experiences. The question is not can Switch or can't the Switch kill mobile gaming. It won't. That is jus a silly proposition to ponder. The question is can Nintendo convince those very same casual phone gamers to buy the Switch.

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